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Unboxing the $399 Foldable Phone.
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Samsung Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11
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The $100,000 Smartphone Unboxing.
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Smartphones are evolving.
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Charging a smartphone with Light?
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Mystery Samsung Smartphone Unboxing!
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20 Android Apps for 2020.
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The Fastest Smartphone in the World.
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What you didn't know about Samsung.
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Top 20 BEST Smartphones of 2019.
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What Nokia has REALLY been working on.
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The Biggest Smartphone Unboxing EVER?
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The realme X2 Pro surprised me.
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25 Questions with MKBHD
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Mystery Unboxing from Samsung.
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What you didn't know about Apple.
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The Ultimate iPhone 11 Pro Camera.
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The Ultimate iPhone Comparison.
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Dear Smartphone Companies.
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OnePlus 7T Unboxing and Review.
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15 Smartphone Gadgets for 2019.
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35 Hidden Android Features.
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What you didn't know about Huawei.
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A Very Special Smartphone Gadget.
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Huawei's Fastest Smartphone ever!
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are smartphones getting weaker?
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Smartphones are changing...
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How KaiOS is catching up with Android.
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People react to the iPhone 11
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How Android Destroyed Samsung OS.
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The Liquid Glass Screen Protector.
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How Huawei CAN beat the US ban
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Mystery Unboxing from OPPO
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How Huawei's OS might REPLACE Android.
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About that Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus...
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Redmi K20 Pro UNBOXING and REVIEW!
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The Best Android Launcher of 2019?
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10 Android Apps that Shocked me.
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The 8K Video Smartphone is here.
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Google Pixel 3a vs iPhone XR
Aufrufe 696 Tsd.Vor 9 Monate
The Flagship Phone that's now $330...
Aufrufe 2,1 Mio.Vor 9 Monate
Aufrufe 669 Tsd.Vor 9 Monate
Mystery Unboxing from Xiaomi.
Aufrufe 1,9 Mio.Vor 9 Monate


  • ThyGreek
    ThyGreek Vor 31 Sekunde

    Apple lasts longer and you can buy a lightning cable to use a 3.5mm jack, the iPhone 12 is going to be better but of course pricier.

  • Muhammad Miladur Rahman

    Can I win one?

  • Hansen Andy
    Hansen Andy Vor 2 Minuten

    Stupid creator.

    RIF FAR NISHAT Vor 3 Minuten

    What is under the golden frame pls tell

  • L C Z D
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  • Kimm 65
    Kimm 65 Vor 4 Minuten

    Personally, I'd be looking inside that phone for little baggies of white powder then I'd ditch it as fast as I could. 🤔 🤨 But then again, they know where you live now so ...🤔 🙄

  • amr salama
    amr salama Vor 5 Minuten

    Soo we're basically helping them launder their money or is it already laundered? And if it is laundered does that mean they made their tech from dirty money... sign me out

  • אברהם סלומון


  • Steve G
    Steve G Vor 9 Minuten

    My big question is: Did they use an average sized American butt or Korean butt for that phone stress test? BIG difference between the 2. lmao. Like, a 200 lb. difference.

  • Adam Dabit
    Adam Dabit Vor 10 Minuten

    The Z Flip actually has a plastic screen. Watch JerryRigsEverything’s review to see for yourself

  • Gavrian Horner
    Gavrian Horner Vor 10 Minuten

    You forgot that on Apple phones(maybe Android) you can make your password a lettered passcode.

  • Hammad Akmal
    Hammad Akmal Vor 11 Minuten

    Can i get a mobile from your give away

  • herishmerish
    herishmerish Vor 11 Minuten

    Lol, bro how do you have zero skepticism about their answers?

  • Jainul Patel
    Jainul Patel Vor 12 Minuten

    I don’t even have an android

  • Stego Burger
    Stego Burger Vor 12 Minuten

    i cant exagerate how i much love your videos. i love how it just starts. no dumb intro. its brilliant, Keep it up!

  • magloire israel
    magloire israel Vor 13 Minuten

    It was nice knowing u, see you on the next life

  • duck duck
    duck duck Vor 18 Minuten

    Wow. I it felt like a year ago smasung released the s20 and now their on the s20. Crazy how 1 decade feels like 1 year!

  • Mark Pedzinski
    Mark Pedzinski Vor 18 Minuten

    Crack cocaine, damn, you really like smoking

  • doge kellie live
    doge kellie live Vor 19 Minuten

    the name is 6 letters long for the iPhone PRO MAX and ur complaining about name that are a little long so u have anything better to do in life

  • Waqar Hussain
    Waqar Hussain Vor 19 Minuten

    I am following your channel for an year. It's good to watching your videos.

  • Kayc Carvalho
    Kayc Carvalho Vor 20 Minuten

    1:10 Strongeee

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    Khardel Sharpeye 150 Vor 22 Minuten


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  • Suraj poudel
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  • Tawfeq Naal
    Tawfeq Naal Vor 25 Minuten

    How do you know the answer of your own theory ?? "if we bring a kid from 50 thousands year ago and raised him now, the difference will be unremarkable, and you might not notice" it is kind of interesting how confident you are, like you tried it lol. I agree with you regarding that we are using our intelligent less and less which make us less smart. In my opinion the problem is not the machines controlling us, it is actually the smart programmers who make software, AI and they will make us look like a second degree species (The makers vs the users). The early sign of that when you see how much money programmers can make when they are capable to make tons of money out of an addictive apps.

  • Mark Pedzinski
    Mark Pedzinski Vor 25 Minuten

    U really ought to check into crack cocaine rehab

  • Jahanzaib Shaukat
    Jahanzaib Shaukat Vor 26 Minuten

    Mrwhosetheboss Please i want it Samsung Galaxy s20 ultra..h Karachi, Pakistan

  • WolfSins
    WolfSins Vor 27 Minuten

    Got mine for 250$ XD

  • Ourday Willcome
    Ourday Willcome Vor 28 Minuten

    i am very satisfied with my note 10 plus! thank u

  • Shaik Musayyab
    Shaik Musayyab Vor 28 Minuten

    Bro please gave me a one mobile please

  • Ashish Hekre
    Ashish Hekre Vor 29 Minuten

    never would had reckon you sound like that :) haha

  • John O'brien
    John O'brien Vor 29 Minuten

    When do the phones fight. Can you go straight to the fight

    HARUKI SHIGA Vor 29 Minuten

    You saying i can get a samsung fold for only 300???? Give me 10

  • Black Dragon
    Black Dragon Vor 31 Minute

    Did you order off the dark web using bitcoin

  • Poks World
    Poks World Vor 32 Minuten

    We’re does the charging block start looking NoRmALl

  • daling ding-a-ling
    daling ding-a-ling Vor 33 Minuten

    Stop with your silky-smooth voice bullshit and talk like a man who lifts and eats meat. I feel weird listening to you.

  • Alexzander Lagpitanghat
    Alexzander Lagpitanghat Vor 34 Minuten

    haha they said rip "Samsung" when their using there fold phone but a little bit of changes

  • Chilesaa no
    Chilesaa no Vor 35 Minuten

    Just subscribed. Loving this comparison video. Samsung has definitely stepped their game from their previous phones. S20 sounds and looks so futuristic and revolutionary.

  • Patrick Christensen
    Patrick Christensen Vor 35 Minuten

    These extra 6 grams just makes it feel more premium. What a sheep

  • Janu Anant
    Janu Anant Vor 35 Minuten

    Do not purchase this guys. This may have corona virus as it is made in china 🤪

  • Salu At
    Salu At Vor 36 Minuten

    How can I get one of them?

  • Josh Wave
    Josh Wave Vor 37 Minuten

    Its a scam google it why tf is he promoting this?

  • PixelDesigns
    PixelDesigns Vor 37 Minuten

    how tf this camera better than my phone

  • Bro Oppo
    Bro Oppo Vor 37 Minuten

    Amazing brother 💝

  • Dick Thunder
    Dick Thunder Vor 38 Minuten

    show-off time! wahahaha i have $2500 phone..! 🥴

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    Meercatzz Vor 41 Minute

    1-1-1-400... D-d-d-ollars?...

  • Yasin Wahid
    Yasin Wahid Vor 41 Minute

    I need that samsung s20 cause that will be great boost for my channel i wish i win i will make alot of videos about that phone i don't have that much budget for my channel to buy phones so this means alot

  • Bi nance
    Bi nance Vor 42 Minuten

    I download 2 of those apps, those two app looks like the game that was made by axisinmotion I finally found this and Is very informative

  • Marco Rodriguez
    Marco Rodriguez Vor 44 Minuten

    0:17 you look like Chirag Gupta from diary of a wimpy kid

  • ToePoke Tv
    ToePoke Tv Vor 44 Minuten

    This is a really nice video. Thanks for creating this video. Yes this is really tough to get subscribers and views. I have just started and trying to learn how to achieve this. I am now concentrating on creating nice contents. I hope with that and all the inputs from this video, I will be able to get some great subscribers and views. 🥂

  • Suraj poudel
    Suraj poudel Vor 45 Minuten

    Appreciated man.

  • zack phy
    zack phy Vor 45 Minuten

    I didnt forget this phone. I LOVED it when it came out and I got mine and got an Edge every year after it untill they made all phones "edge". Every year the edge got smaller with less functionality until it was just a visual thing and the s20 phones barely have one at all. I was disappointed when the s 6 edge + and note 6 edge took away a lot of the functionality of the original. Yes it was both sides and still way bigger than say my note 10 + and still had the news ticker and notifications on the side but it took away the software buttons and intractability of the original. I want that back as an option on the note 20 ultra that will inevitably launch this fall lol

  • Naved Ashraf
    Naved Ashraf Vor 47 Minuten


  • Patrick Imboden
    Patrick Imboden Vor 47 Minuten

    You just help washing money!

  • ACE
    ACE Vor 47 Minuten

    Samsung is better than iPhone....I regret changing to iPhone just to mess around with it

  • Andy Kurniawan
    Andy Kurniawan Vor 48 Minuten

    Iphone also could use the 30w charger... but at the price point more as usual

  • огромная эрекция

    You should be smart enough not to sit on your phone.

  • MRZsiir
    MRZsiir Vor 51 Minute

    Samsung gives you satisfying numbers. 16GB RAM, Quad HD display, 108 Mpixel camera, 8K video recording capability. Apple does not promise these things. In fact, an iMac with 16GB memory is plenty for MacOS. Samsung puts the same amount of memory in a phone for FB, Instagram, DEplus, and Asphalt9. The question is, do the user really need 16GB memory? Quad display. Well, numbers again. Im pretty sure that the display is sharp enough but even Samsung scale it down to 1080p when the 120 hertz feature is on.. The 120 Herts gives you great experience. My iPad Pro has the same feature. In fact Apple has been using this technology for almost 3 years. So hopefully iPhone 12 will come finally with this option with the same way. iPad can change the hertz if software requires. 108 MP camera. Nice number. Lets see the camera test.. Mpixel does not really count in photography.. 8K: Around 1% of the planet`s population has 8K TV so they can enjoy the ridiculous 24fps videos.. 24fps sounds pretty laggy. You cannot even scale it down to 4K to get a much more detailed 4K video footage as 24fps cannot be changed :) Again, numbers.. Normally Samsung shows us numbers and useless features, showing how innovative they are.

  • Antonio Lomeli
    Antonio Lomeli Vor 52 Minuten

    Answer: Money Laundering

  • Tech it out
    Tech it out Vor 53 Minuten

    Yeah if your have already brought into Apple CEO system, have a apple ⌚ and the face ID is just boss. Talking about 5g out here in the Philippines, mobile data is anywhere from 1gb to 6gb per month, unless u buy the latest and greatest handset. But the data speeds is total trash, it's not even 4g the best I get in Manila is hspa+. I am using a pixel 4 user

  • Marquinho0731
    Marquinho0731 Vor 54 Minuten

    Wow that's crazy , I was tempted to order one because it's a Samsung in reality but don't wanna help any drug cartel.

  • Carter Boensch
    Carter Boensch Vor 55 Minuten


  • wiffo
    wiffo Vor 55 Minuten

    Since you got a good and a titanium iPhone I wouldn't mind your old normal one xD

  • James S
    James S Vor 56 Minuten

    RIP Samsung! Proceeds to resell Samsung phones...

  • Sterkriger
    Sterkriger Vor 57 Minuten

    Samsung display is amazing until you have to install a screen protector and actually use the phone. After that the curved display and the size become annoying

  • idk 8dk
    idk 8dk Vor 58 Minuten

    Plzzz can I have one of the giveaway phones I just suscribe and do 2 of the other things plz 😭💯💯 I'm using my TV to do this 😂 That's why I wanted a phone.😭

  • Ian R.
    Ian R. Vor 58 Minuten

    So what youre saying is I can get a galaxy fold for way less?

  • Jovanio
    Jovanio Vor Stunde

    Now let's see the ps5

  • Buy N Large
    Buy N Large Vor Stunde

    so they basicly bought a galaxy fold and took off the Samsung logo

  • Alejandro Sudiro
    Alejandro Sudiro Vor Stunde

    This is the true unboxing therapy

  • baba himadri of class

    Can you speak in hindi

  • Dennis Gray
    Dennis Gray Vor Stunde

    Just shows how over priced phones really are!

    • ici
      ici Vor 33 Minuten

      Dennis Gray did you even watch the video

  • Gabriel 08
    Gabriel 08 Vor Stunde

    the note 10 was WELL better than the iphone 11 pro max, the chance of the 11 pro max against ANY new sansung phone is ZERO

  • James Church
    James Church Vor Stunde

    You only got that phone because who you are. The normal person ordering this phone will NEVER receive it. Its ludicrous to think that they will be selling 2000 dollar phones for 400 dollars. By you making this video, you are contributing to their theft. Congratulations, you are now an accessory to the crime.

  • Shivang Sharma
    Shivang Sharma Vor Stunde

    What sees is ACTIVATE WINDOWS

  • Sazzad Hossain
    Sazzad Hossain Vor Stunde

    Too Long Too Watch Escobar knows who you are.

  • Stephanie Shannon
    Stephanie Shannon Vor Stunde

    I want to see my damn edge lighting go off and it NEVER does......WHYYYYYYY and wanna kicks 👀🧐🧐 Amazon AR kinda

  • Sakumi HIGH
    Sakumi HIGH Vor Stunde

    Thid is such a weird phone tbh.

  • Unknown Paradise
    Unknown Paradise Vor Stunde

    My Hipster Dreams are shaking ill buy 1 in every color

  • BErZErko 20
    BErZErko 20 Vor Stunde

    I have the iPhone 11 mint green and I am surprised with the Samsung galaxy s20

  • RedSk1es, a random person

    Who else just clocked “Date Added - Oldest” and got here? Lol

  • Sharky Sharky
    Sharky Sharky Vor Stunde

    Eat your cereal

  • OpeZ TanZ
    OpeZ TanZ Vor Stunde

    would u recommend mi 8 pro?

  • 李圆
    李圆 Vor Stunde

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    QUICK GIST Vor Stunde

    Lowkey iPhone looks super outdated

  • ___
    ___ Vor Stunde

    Samsung screens are still meh. I use the screen 100% I use camera 2%. Sony still has the best screen.

  • MX3KY
    MX3KY Vor Stunde

    This channel needs to be banned for giving massive exposure to fraud company. People are going to fall for this scam and this guy will say he is not responsible.

  • Andrew Ryan Stevens

    apple cant beat samsung because they're using samsungs technology lol

  • 100MPH Selfies
    100MPH Selfies Vor Stunde

    Something tells me they stole couple shipping containers full of Fold 2. Vendor could easily sell all unsold/overstocked at a reasonable price this is way too fishy.

  • Dragon flair
    Dragon flair Vor Stunde

    Just pour water

  • brandan booce
    brandan booce Vor Stunde

    Nice hugo boss short

  • edwin rick
    edwin rick Vor Stunde

    Too much talk .just unboxing

  • Shai Yammanee
    Shai Yammanee Vor Stunde

    The Ohsnap is brilliant. I've been using it for a while now and it is the best phone grip I've owned. I bought a second one for my wife's phone. I love the magnet feature. I stick it on my fridge while I cook and it attaches to my car mount without any issues. I also work on ships, so I can attach it to basically every wall. Only thing to be careful is with hotel room key cards. I've had no issues with credit cards, but room keys have a very superficial magnetic programming, so I was constantly demagnetising it. But, apart from that, I love it.

  • Dean Humphrey
    Dean Humphrey Vor Stunde

    This phone has Coke and money laundering written all over it. Probably phones used once by the cartel so they can't be tracked. Kinda want to get one, but I would re install the OS after I got it just to feel a little safer after I give them all my private info LoL

  • Cats Are YES
    Cats Are YES Vor Stunde

    The foldable phone is a phone and DS hybrid. Change my mind.

  • Inputgoldfish 44
    Inputgoldfish 44 Vor Stunde

    Prob shouldn’t buy anything made in China cause of the corona virus

  • Emerald and Company

    I had a galaxy note edge, it sucked. It died in less than a year..

  • Gareth Armstrong
    Gareth Armstrong Vor Stunde

    Not a fair comparison the s20 isn't there 'cheap' model like the iPhone 11 is. The comparable was the s10e or the future s20e. The s20 is a rival to the 11pro

  • De Dub
    De Dub Vor Stunde


  • Hakop O.
    Hakop O. Vor Stunde

    Can you please do another really cheap smartphone gadgets, I miss those videos. Like if you do as well!