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My Family Vacation *DISASTER*
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PRANK WARS! *Cinnamon vs Tootsie*
Aufrufe 3,133,056Vor 20 Tage
School Dance! *HUGE DISASTER*
Aufrufe 3,212,049Vor 2 Monate
Best Friend Sleepover *TRUTH or DARE*
Aufrufe 5,961,736Vor 6 Monate
Rumors In High School *So Embarrassing*
Aufrufe 3,188,307Vor 6 Monate
MOM vs DAD *Strict Parents*
Aufrufe 1,944,740Vor 6 Monate
Types of Students IN AN Exam!
Aufrufe 4,065,660Vor 8 Monate
ADULTS vs KIDS During Christmas
Aufrufe 1,851,303Vor 8 Monate
Types Of People On Christmas
Aufrufe 2,755,580Vor 8 Monate
WORST Date Ever!
Aufrufe 4,698,969Vor 9 Monate
Types Of People At The Mall!
Aufrufe 4,054,048Vor 9 Monate
FIRST KISS *7 Minutes in Heaven*
Aufrufe 4,949,324Vor 10 Monate
50 Types of People on HALLOWEEN
Aufrufe 3,186,611Vor 10 Monate
Aufrufe 6,417,360Vor 11 Monate
If Disney Princesses Were YOUTUBERS
Aufrufe 419,773Vor 11 Monate
Driving With Brown Parents!
Aufrufe 2,208,343Vor 11 Monate
Different Types Of Crushes!
Aufrufe 2,689,288Vor 11 Monate
50 DIFFERENT Types of Students
Aufrufe 11,697,179Vor year
WORST First Day of School!
Aufrufe 6,693,516Vor year
Best Friend Vs Best Friend
Aufrufe 6,080,197Vor year
Aufrufe 2,977,803Vor year
Different Types Of Siblings!
Aufrufe 4,724,764Vor year
Worst Times To See Your Crush
Aufrufe 3,703,737Vor year
Aufrufe 6,639,180Vor year
Types Of People At The Movies
Aufrufe 2,074,598Vor year
First Date Guys Vs. Girls
Aufrufe 1,648,015Vor year
White Girls Vs. Brown Girls
Aufrufe 5,758,861Vor year
When You Go See A Psychic
Aufrufe 842,046Vor year
When You See Your Ex In Public
Aufrufe 852,539Vor year
How Girls Get Ready For A Date!
Aufrufe 4,175,382Vor year
50 Different Types of Girls
Aufrufe 3,046,045Vor year
We Are Getting Married?!
Aufrufe 499,613Vor year
When You Have A Hot Teacher
Aufrufe 4,146,389Vor year
Brown Mom vs White Mom
Aufrufe 2,785,235Vor year
What If Google Judged You
Aufrufe 1,290,458Vor year
Types Of Girls At The Gym
Aufrufe 1,839,553Vor year
Types Of Customers!
Aufrufe 6,365,117Vor year
How Girls Act On Their Period
Aufrufe 1,304,035Vor year
Filming With YouTubers In LA
Aufrufe 49,956Vor year
How To Impress A Guy On A Date
Aufrufe 1,473,847Vor year
When Girls See Hotter Girls
Aufrufe 3,345,881Vor year
Types of People In Restaurants
Aufrufe 1,973,036Vor year
Boy Friend Gets Waxed!
Aufrufe 152,732Vor year
Types of People On Social Media!
Aufrufe 4,978,949Vor year
How Girls Get Ready For School
Aufrufe 3,349,966Vor 2 years


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    I have 2 sidings my big sister and my big brother

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    Who else noticed that they “should of” cut out the bit were tootsies wig just flew away!!!! Like if you thought so to 👇 hit that !!! Please give me a shoutout

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    This is at Canada’s wonderland for those who don’t know

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    High school musical 😘😘

  • Why don’t We
    Why don’t We Vor 3 Minuten

    riyas dad: Just like memes Toostsie: WHAT THE HECK ARE MEMES? Me: I agree with Tootsie Riya: He means MEMES Me and Tootsie: Ohhhhh

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    Is there a story explaining how Tootsie and Daniel met?

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    Pizza 🍕

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    November 9

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    I have 2 sisters and 1 brother

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    You guys go to ping you said where is the pink one and tell you that’s

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    I am the one that hides stuff😂

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    Tootsie and Daniel should took up

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    I love tootsies plans x

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    As a guy who has periods.... This is a HUGE exaggeration (obviously) in fact, guys who have it just live with, just like every normal person out there.

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    Team JUGHEAD

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    Do a video of a rich vs poor girl where they go to mcdonalds and tutsy says she forget her purs3 because shes broke ps love u both sm love ur videos xxxxxx

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    Who's ever wandered where cinnamons mum

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    My cousin has a crush on Dan

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    I do believe in revenge >:]

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    tootsie looks so good well better than good

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    I laughed my head off when rian said abu

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    I'm gonna be the needy girlfriend 😂

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    yes es camrin

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    Your cousin kinda looks like Michelle in The next step! Woah.

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    Love this

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    I can’t drive I’m 8 YRS OLD

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    Types of siblings

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    No I dont because they are sometimes rude

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    Tootsies Granny should be the DJ

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    1:23 umm its dan right?????????? XDDDD

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    This is just for racist I am brown and I do all the things white people and yes I am from America

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    Riya at 1:00 is me at school

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    The healt nut

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    Pizza!!!! 4 eva baby!!!! There aint no competition! Woohooooo! Gud video! Nxt time maybe u can do a taste test of domino's & pizza hut to see wich is better......i personally cant decide betwn both so

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    My food Chocolate squares Meal deal MY FAVOURITE PIZZA

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    Omg number 12 is so relatable, I just dropped my iPad on my face and now my lip is swollen and bleeding

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    I got all A's on my report

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    Tootsie:And she hates me like who hates me!? 😭 Tia:Who likes u would be and even shorter list 🙄 Me:OHHHHHH GET REKTED!!!!!!😵😵😵😵😵

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    Hi hi hi my name is Maggie I really love your new videos that you're making but they're better than ever real and Tipsy you're the greatest characters and I see your sister and I see your mom in the video and I really like the videos you worked hard on it and I really like it I clicked your friends up and the bell is ringing in every video I hope you and like that but I really love your videos keep on and I'm watching One video right now

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    YES my best friend as a bf

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    If tootsie asked for cream cheese look at her pizza it looks plain

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  • Gladys Santos
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    My favorite Amusemaent park is Austins Oark And Pizza

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    No I do not have a bf or gf I am a girl and I have a best friend her name is Saham

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    His name is Jordan

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    Roses are red Violets are blue If you love dan and riya Make this blue! 👇🏻 👇🏼

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    4:05 i legit thought her maid was gonna carry her down lmao everything’s wrong with me

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    Type of pregnant women