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My Time at "Camp Operetta"
Aufrufe 4 811 995Vor 17 Tage
Strange Video Games I Played as a Kid
Aufrufe 7 720 393Vor Monat
An Uncomfortable Trip to the UK
Aufrufe 6 104 308Vor 2 Monate
Ari's Birthday Party & New Friend
Aufrufe 5 619 548Vor 3 Monate
Watching my childhood videos w/ theodd1sout
Aufrufe 10 564 698Vor 5 Monate
Locked out of my House
Aufrufe 10 441 416Vor 6 Monate
What my trip to Japan was like
Aufrufe 10 980 681Vor 8 Monate
Being the Best/Worst Ever
Aufrufe 7 176 912Vor 8 Monate
My Experience with Sports
Aufrufe 14 224 710Vor 10 Monate
Things that Happened While I Grew up
Aufrufe 17 515 693Vor 11 Monate
Ari's Birthday! (again)
Aufrufe 13 207 187Vor year
Trying to Get Into Fitness & Health
Aufrufe 10 197 061Vor year
How to Make Life More Interesting
Aufrufe 14 444 832Vor year
Injuries & Being Sick
Aufrufe 18 204 028Vor year
Random Thoughts (Part 2 Edition)
Aufrufe 14 481 471Vor year
Living with Ari
Aufrufe 19 648 808Vor year
Things I Feel Guilty About
Aufrufe 17 203 702Vor year
My Childhood Stories
Aufrufe 17 069 075Vor year
Exploiting Everything w/ DrawWithJazza
Aufrufe 4 132 655Vor 2 years
My Opinion on Traveling
Aufrufe 12 114 487Vor 2 years
What it's Been Like to be on YouTube
Aufrufe 7 219 027Vor 2 years
My Random Thoughts
Aufrufe 14 394 664Vor 2 years
Parent Stories
Aufrufe 17 421 419Vor 2 years
Things that Freak Me Out (part 2)
Aufrufe 14 125 191Vor 2 years
Happy Birthday Ari!
Aufrufe 15 046 365Vor 2 years
My Strange Trip to Europe
Aufrufe 12 998 882Vor 2 years
Why I Don't Have a "Face Reveal"
Aufrufe 15 471 598Vor 2 years
Why I Love/Hate Reality TV
Aufrufe 10 546 778Vor 2 years
Ruining Everything w/ DrawWithJazza
Aufrufe 5 580 113Vor 2 years
My Instrument Experiences
Aufrufe 12 598 463Vor 2 years
Things that Freak Me Out
Aufrufe 18 319 061Vor 2 years
Combining Pokemon w/ theodd1sout
Aufrufe 8 967 446Vor 2 years
My Dog Stories
Aufrufe 18 326 194Vor 2 years
Stupid Lies I Believed for Way Too Long
Aufrufe 18 585 705Vor 2 years
Winter & My Traumatic Skiing Trip
Aufrufe 12 109 643Vor 2 years
1,000,000 Subscriber thing (holy mother)
Aufrufe 4 207 595Vor 2 years
ooooooo surprises!! (feat. ari)
Aufrufe 5 750 132Vor 2 years
Flirting & My Stories
Aufrufe 18 330 618Vor 2 years
My Opinion on Halloween
Aufrufe 10 210 665Vor 2 years
My Horrible Nightmare Group Project
Aufrufe 20 215 409Vor 2 years
Drawing Alola Pokemon w/ theodd1sout
Aufrufe 7 064 568Vor 2 years
My School Stories
Aufrufe 17 791 511Vor 2 years
Thesaurus.com is Kinda Dumb
Aufrufe 8 006 290Vor 3 years
New Member of the Family!
Aufrufe 9 824 369Vor 3 years
Crazy Substitute Teachers
Aufrufe 20 106 880Vor 3 years
theodd1sout and I Complain About Arizona
Aufrufe 23 820 137Vor 3 years
SpeedArt Vlog: Pokefusion Haltariux
Aufrufe 621 664Vor 3 years
I'm too Awkward for My Own Good
Aufrufe 7 567 762Vor 3 years
The College Struggle
Aufrufe 10 310 932Vor 3 years
My Hero's Journey | JaidenAnimations
Aufrufe 3 419 076Vor 3 years
FNAF 4: Dan & Phil Animated
Aufrufe 6 547 122Vor 3 years
The Funny Stories Tag (w/ TonyvToons)
Aufrufe 7 415 554Vor 4 years
Speedart: Pokefusion Blazerade
Aufrufe 318 594Vor 4 years
Q&A #3: What are my Inspirations?
Aufrufe 452 397Vor 4 years
Frozen Yogurt Freak Out
Aufrufe 9 830 364Vor 4 years
Speedart: Pokefusion Sylvoroark
Aufrufe 332 661Vor 4 years
To the Moon (Piano)
Aufrufe 661 082Vor 4 years
I'm Totally a Skating Pro
Aufrufe 7 068 071Vor 4 years
Speedart: Pokefusion Dragonine
Aufrufe 286 803Vor 4 years
Q&A #2: What animal am I?
Aufrufe 617 687Vor 4 years
How to be Stupid
Aufrufe 13 032 941Vor 4 years
Animated Pokemon Shorts (ORAS Special)
Aufrufe 9 735 177Vor 4 years
Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Medley (Piano)
Aufrufe 1 343 939Vor 4 years
Speedart: Mudkip Evolutions
Aufrufe 419 320Vor 4 years
Speedart: Torchic Evolutions
Aufrufe 261 603Vor 4 years
Speedart: Treecko Evolutions
Aufrufe 313 644Vor 4 years
Dough D-D-Dear
Aufrufe 7 228 807Vor 4 years
I Hate High Heels
Aufrufe 6 219 110Vor 5 years
Hide and Pee
Aufrufe 7 787 912Vor 5 years
Sneaky Advertisements
Aufrufe 6 835 919Vor 5 years
JaidenAnimations Intro!
Aufrufe 3 250 985Vor 5 years


  • First Name Last Name
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    Jaiden....you don’t need to be like that..people love you!! Accept the fact that we are all supporting you!!

  • Sharkisoxr 12
    Sharkisoxr 12 Vor Minute

    For the kids who don’t have younger siblings Did the first video make you want a brother/sister

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    I miss rocket power

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    You are supposed to go to girl schools

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    JASLENE GONZALEZ Vor 6 Minuten

    OMG did he just stick the finger OMG HE JUST STUCK HIS FINGER!! eh what the heck so do my classmates (some of them)

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    1:04 *Screw Apple, use Heart*

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    i just got two parakeets (named nacho and dory) just because of this video i kid you not ☺️

  • ms fxncyii
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    Jaiden: That made me feel like All Might! Me being a BHNA fan: OML SHE WATCHES MY HERO ACADEMIA JENWNQJWJWJLJBAUBWBJ

  • Eliyah Ahmad
    Eliyah Ahmad Vor 9 Minuten

    U know Ari actually is a green cheek conure?

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    DEplus is broke cas when I searchbar best youtuber jaiden animations didn't show up

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    Never bring a "less dull, tiny, one-pronged fork" to a "shooty pew-pew tiny rock laucher" fight..

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    Watching on a phone

    JASLENE GONZALEZ Vor 12 Minuten

    R.I.P Gabe the dog the best dog in the world your voice was amazing ( and better than mines) *claps* oh god typing this is making me cry :(

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    Nick Mantou Vor 12 Minuten

    Out of video context comment but will you make a video for your gum experiment? I mean....We had it with the apples xD

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    Nobody: Teacher at 7:15 : NANI?! Tbh i wished she played megolavania

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    R.i.p Gabe

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    Wolfie 05 Vor 16 Minuten

    I’m over here 13 and was never in sports Because I don’t like them but once I get into 9th grade I’m going to tennis because of my brother ( does choir count as something I’ve been in choir since 3rd and still am till I’m done with school and College )

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    Weird random thoughts but cool also I’m 11 and my birthday is July 11

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    I watch it 2 times

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    im from future im in 2019 so i literly waited and i discoverd her this year wow -_-

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    Next song Empty (Ari Version) XD

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    The really hard thing is that my mother is super manipulative to the point that I moved to the other side of Canada for her and now she is trying to get me to live with her again and I can’t say anything to her cause she just argues with me saying all the thing she’s done hundreds of times she’s never done

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    strangxes Vor 25 Minuten

    “I can reach out to someone not like me if you ask for help it doesn’t make you weak” goosebumps

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    I'll see you on October 6th!

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    Can you combine Pokémon with theoddonesout?

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    this is the only time jaiden, was the *asian* kid.

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    mirror mirror on the wall whos the prettiest of them all JAIDEN :D

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    jaiden parents eating: jaiden mom:pasta with no sauce jaiden:*slams table* me:why would her mom say that?

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    I am an introvert I can literally never say hi to my family members when I’m already freaking out

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    4:46 how it could have gone : teacher : did you write the letter ? Jaiden : a dog ate it *run away fast*

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    Teacher: tell me what's interesting about you Me: PEE IS STORED IN THE__ Janitor: Shush now

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    I'm also going through an eating disorder but I just eat all the time, it just m make's me feel safe but it's getting worse

  • cat girl
    cat girl Vor 50 Minuten

    I'm also going through an eating disorder but I just eat all the time, it just m make's me feel safe but it's getting worse

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M Vor 51 Minute

    Jaiden: I only serve the quality stuff! Also Jaiden: I got locked out of my house and also was socially awkward with my Uber driver. Me: This is definitely top quality

  • Camila Javier
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    I was all calm when I hit my chin but then my mom came and picked me up from school and then I saw it in the mirror I started screaming 😱 It was so big it was like another mouth

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    Jaiden: Pactice positive self-talk Me: I've got this! Kanye West: I am a god.

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    Boi I got 12 stitches 🧵

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    Favorite youtube channels 1. Mr beast 2. Odd1sout 3. Jaiden anamations

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    hey like if you are watching this in 2019.

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    ...- - -...

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    If you don't say present your being marked absent!(throws kid out of classroom)

  • AJ Productions
    AJ Productions Vor Stunde

    I know it’s been (probably) well over 2 years since you’ve posted this video, but I just want to let you know something, even if you don’t see this comment, that’s fine. It’s still here if you do. I’m transgender. I’m very open about it. I’m out to my school and most of my family. There have been a lot of positive responses as well as a few negative ones. That’s how life goes. Being transgender, I have dysphoria. A lot. It started when I was very young, right as I started developing breasts. I didn’t know what it meant to be transgender yet, so I assumed my discomfort was because I wanted them to be bigger. So I waited. As time went on, I grew, and they did too. But I was always unhappy with them. Eventually, I decided I wanted to have more feminine curves to try to make it better. Needless to say, that backfired. Badly. I’ve always been short and a little curvy, so I look pretty feminine, physically, and there’s really nothing I can do about it at this time, but that’s besides the point. I learned soon after that what being transgender meant, and my whole world flipped. For better or for worse, I can’t say yet. And you’re probably asking yourself “hey, when is this dumb comment going to end? What’s the point of this?” I’m getting there, I promise. Anyway, I get dysphoria about my appearance a lot. I’ll often break down crying, and hearing my own pathetic, female sobs typically just makes it worse. There have been times where I’ve thought about hurting myself, but never do it. I often find a voice in my head saying “you’re such a coward. Come on! What’s a little pain?” But I’m always too scared to. I always have to remind myself that being too scared to hurt myself is more of a good thing than it is bad, but after a while, it means nothing anymore and I’m right back at square one, repeating the cycle. My mental state has gotten worse and worse and I was in a downward spiral, just like you. I couldn’t really find a reason to do anything anymore and I was either sad or numb every day. I isolated myself, and still do, but I would go days without saying a word to anyone in the house. I only ever left my room to fulfill basic human needs and I would always eat in my room. Whenever I had to go to school, I would talk less and less. I couldn’t focus on anything and I was constantly fighting back tears. I had horrible thoughts that affected the way I saw others too. I barely spoke to my friends. Jokes and games weren’t fun anymore. Everything was just a hazy, gray blur... ...and then I found your video... I saw that, even though it was a different situation, at its core, it was the exact same. I’ve thought about starving myself to get rid of some of my curves, but my mind always seems to come back to this video and I make myself maintain an eating schedule. I still don’t talk very much, at least around new people or acquaintances, but I’m a chatterbox around my close friends, which is an improvement. I have a stable support system, and my parents are trying to understand, which is... not great at the moment, but they’re getting there. So what was the point of all of this dumb ranting? What was the point of sharing my life story on a platform that’s not even my own? I wanted to say thank you. Thank you so much, Jaiden, for helping me, even if you knew nothing about it. I’m still not in a great place, but I have actual control over myself, rather than the false hope that I do. I know I risk sounding/looking like an attention-seeker, trying to make a sappy story to get pity, and I know some people do that. But believe what you want to about me. I’ve been seeing a therapist for this, and I’m doing alright. I made it to high school and I have a pretty solid plan for my future. And to anyone else reading this and thinking that there’s no hope for you and that you’ll be in the downward spiral forever, I promise you, you won’t be. Thank you Jaiden for showing that to me. And it’s very possible that, had I not seen this, I wouldn’t be here today. Jaiden, you saved my life. Thank you! For anyone who doesn’t know what dysphoria is, I’ll explain. In short, it is a general discomfort with an aspect of yourself or your surroundings. Typically, especially with transgender people, it’s more than just low self-esteem. I, personally, have gender dysphoria and body dysphoria. Those are... pretty obvious based on the names, but if you’re still confused, feel free to ask about them and I’ll be happy to answer!

  • Summer Lindeman
    Summer Lindeman Vor Stunde

    I collect shells, and that equals clam shells, I don’t know where this is going...

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    Tsuyu Kiriga Vor Stunde

    "I don't speak English dumb foreigners get lost" me: *chokes*

  • Haannnes Kriessner
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    It Must be a Hard Time for you But you are strong

  • Beau Boughter
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    Is scribble showdown kid friendly

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    Liked: Doing Halloween, Disliked:😐😐😐😐.

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    she’s so cute at the end =)

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    "Obviously I Don't Speak English, you stupid foreigners.Get lost" Dad: *nod*

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    2014: NOpE 2015: Hell nah 2016: Nope 2017: NoPe 2018: nope 2019: let's put this in her recommendations

  • Auguste Bagvilaite
    Auguste Bagvilaite Vor Stunde

    What i am guilty about: Once when i was like idk 3 my mom made pancakes with sprinkles. You would think that a littke kid would LOVE sprinkles in freakin pancakes but NOPE. Me being a brat was SO MAD that my mom would even think about putting sprinkles in pancakes. So when i ate the pancakes i spat every sprinkle in my mouth on the flooor....

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    15 feet in the *air* you say?

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    Me dunn0

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    I rlly love ur vids! btw I’m..... Not telling my age because that’s personal info being put on the internet

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    I’m in Canada :)

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    I love this. Omg it reminds me of me and my brother (we are also half Asian)

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  • Rayan Hussain
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