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The History of my Hair
Aufrufe 6 Mio.Vor 8 Tage
My Childhood Obsession with Animals
Aufrufe 9 Mio.Vor 3 Monate
My Time at "Camp Operetta"
Aufrufe 8 Mio.Vor 4 Monate
An Uncomfortable Trip to the UK
Aufrufe 8 Mio.Vor 6 Monate
Ari's Birthday Party & New Friend
Aufrufe 7 Mio.Vor 7 Monate
Locked out of my House
Aufrufe 13 Mio.Vor 10 Monate
What my trip to Japan was like
Aufrufe 14 Mio.Vor 11 Monate
Being the Best/Worst Ever
Aufrufe 8 Mio.Vor year
My Experience with Sports
Aufrufe 16 Mio.Vor year
Ari's Birthday! (again)
Aufrufe 15 Mio.Vor year
Injuries & Being Sick
Aufrufe 21 Mio.Vor 2 years
Random Thoughts (Part 2 Edition)
Aufrufe 17 Mio.Vor 2 years
Living with Ari
Aufrufe 22 Mio.Vor 2 years
Things I Feel Guilty About
Aufrufe 20 Mio.Vor 2 years
My Childhood Stories
Aufrufe 19 Mio.Vor 2 years
My Opinion on Traveling
Aufrufe 13 Mio.Vor 2 years
My Random Thoughts
Aufrufe 16 Mio.Vor 2 years
Parent Stories
Aufrufe 21 Mio.Vor 2 years
Things that Freak Me Out (part 2)
Aufrufe 15 Mio.Vor 2 years
Happy Birthday Ari!
Aufrufe 16 Mio.Vor 2 years
My Strange Trip to Europe
Aufrufe 14 Mio.Vor 2 years
Why I Don't Have a "Face Reveal"
Aufrufe 17 Mio.Vor 2 years
Why I Love/Hate Reality TV
Aufrufe 11 Mio.Vor 2 years
My Instrument Experiences
Aufrufe 14 Mio.Vor 2 years
Things that Freak Me Out
Aufrufe 19 Mio.Vor 2 years
Combining Pokemon w/ theodd1sout
Aufrufe 10 Mio.Vor 2 years
My Dog Stories
Aufrufe 21 Mio.Vor 2 years
Winter & My Traumatic Skiing Trip
Aufrufe 13 Mio.Vor 3 years
ooooooo surprises!! (feat. ari)
Aufrufe 6 Mio.Vor 3 years
Flirting & My Stories
Aufrufe 20 Mio.Vor 3 years
My Opinion on Halloween
Aufrufe 11 Mio.Vor 3 years
My Horrible Nightmare Group Project
Aufrufe 23 Mio.Vor 3 years
My School Stories
Aufrufe 19 Mio.Vor 3 years
Thesaurus.com is Kinda Dumb
Aufrufe 9 Mio.Vor 3 years
New Member of the Family!
Aufrufe 10 Mio.Vor 3 years
Crazy Substitute Teachers
Aufrufe 22 Mio.Vor 3 years
SpeedArt Vlog: Pokefusion Haltariux
Aufrufe 646 Tsd.Vor 3 years
I'm too Awkward for My Own Good
Aufrufe 8 Mio.Vor 3 years
The College Struggle
Aufrufe 11 Mio.Vor 3 years
My Hero's Journey | JaidenAnimations
Aufrufe 3,5 Mio.Vor 4 years
FNAF 4: Dan & Phil Animated
Aufrufe 7 Mio.Vor 4 years
Speedart: Pokefusion Blazerade
Aufrufe 326 Tsd.Vor 4 years
Q&A #3: What are my Inspirations?
Aufrufe 461 Tsd.Vor 4 years
Frozen Yogurt Freak Out
Aufrufe 10 Mio.Vor 4 years
Speedart: Pokefusion Sylvoroark
Aufrufe 340 Tsd.Vor 4 years
To the Moon (Piano)
Aufrufe 679 Tsd.Vor 4 years
I'm Totally a Skating Pro
Aufrufe 7 Mio.Vor 4 years
Speedart: Pokefusion Dragonine
Aufrufe 294 Tsd.Vor 4 years
Q&A #2: What animal am I?
Aufrufe 633 Tsd.Vor 4 years
How to be Stupid
Aufrufe 14 Mio.Vor 4 years
Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Medley (Piano)
Aufrufe 1,4 Mio.Vor 5 years
Speedart: Mudkip Evolutions
Aufrufe 432 Tsd.Vor 5 years
Speedart: Torchic Evolutions
Aufrufe 281 Tsd.Vor 5 years
Speedart: Treecko Evolutions
Aufrufe 334 Tsd.Vor 5 years
Dough D-D-Dear
Aufrufe 8 Mio.Vor 5 years
I Hate High Heels
Aufrufe 7 Mio.Vor 5 years
Hide and Pee
Aufrufe 8 Mio.Vor 5 years
Sneaky Advertisements
Aufrufe 7 Mio.Vor 5 years
JaidenAnimations Intro!
Aufrufe 3,4 Mio.Vor 5 years


  • Erold Grimares
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    dyoxis is at the backround in the end

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    I had pink and purple at the end of my hair it look good for a while then it look like a ugly red color I hated it and it was in my hair for like a year

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    • lemøn • Vor Minute

    I got an anime ad for this video. _I’m not surprised._

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    King of Blobfish Vor 2 Minuten

    I got pokemon sword after this and this video inspired me to do a nuzloke

  • Staypawsom3
    Staypawsom3 Vor 2 Minuten

    “That’s for you guys, I already ate” *cries in a corner with even more anxiety than everyone else combined*

  • Anime Character cosplay

    mY mOM IS Asian and YM dADs WhiTE

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    Galaxy_ Gem Vor 3 Minuten

    4 year old Jaiden :MOVE also look gum is in your hair

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    Doggo hehe

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    Erika Zecca Vor 4 Minuten

    This is a stupid Thought that I thought of it we breathe air but we can’t see it fish breathe water so can they see it and we can see water so can fish see air

    EMCAT THE BEST Vor 5 Minuten


  • Caitlin Cormier
    Caitlin Cormier Vor 5 Minuten

    Bruh I was brushing my fingers through my hair and sum how I got a hair stuck in my skin and I just pulled it out. I was terrified

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    Jonathan Mallett Vor 5 Minuten

    Despachio lol

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    Actually my name is Teresa UwUs

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    Damn Elyssa Vor 7 Minuten

    3:16 Relatable 👍

  • RS - 06PC - Darcel Avenue Sr PS (1104)

    I hate planes it makes my stomach fell weird and I wanna throw up and idk how just watching this video makes my stomach feel weird 😭😭😭😂

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    Staypawsom3 Vor 8 Minuten

    “Just fill up on water and shame” *too emotional to type rest of comment*

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    Kat Leyah Vor 8 Minuten

    Lol i can almost draw your characters hair but not quite

  • Failbuoy
    Failbuoy Vor 9 Minuten

    If you want to work out and get at least a bit more in shape, get a membership to a climbing gym. It’s really fun and gives you a good workout. Go, like, every other day for two hours.

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    Keyari Partee Vor 9 Minuten

    My hero's journey is taking me to adoption

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    Don't worry guys the bird in the box is a plushie

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    So one time in like 4-5th grade I had a piece of hair get pierced until my tongue and I tried to pull it out and it hurt so bad. It broke so I think they’re may or may not still be a piece of hair in my tongue....

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    Kaytlen Semeeja Vor 12 Minuten

    I grew up in Scottsdale and moved to Gilbert...I relate to this vid so much

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    Rex Jasow Vor 12 Minuten

    0:06 anyone of you pokemon fans notice the polteageist there

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    434444334 Vor 13 Minuten

    So it turns out brayburn is a MLP character Yes Jayden he is and he is the least popular character XD

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    Sweet_NightmaresGacha Vor 13 Minuten

    iM So DaNg CoNfUsEd WwAaaTTtTt..??? BuT tHIs Is LoWkeY aMaZiNg ThO. hAhAhHhaAa 🤣🤣🥳🥳🤩🤩

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    Nobody:.. James: CAUSE I KNOW MY CEREAL

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    rest in peace gabe the dog...

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    "Honey, did we adopt a 21-year-old Asian girl, or is this a very unthreatening house robber?" I'm done XD

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    I know I'm late but I also live in Arizona to so hi.

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    iPhoneGod2007 Vor 16 Minuten

    I had migraines things in 7th grade a few weeks ago cuz are Physical Education teacher made us run and run I was first one done but my eye sight was terrible I tried to walk normally His channel dat I discovered Is (rich homie truong)

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    Me: Mom can I have a rat My mom: No Me: Why My mom: *T H E T A I L S*

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    How it feels to chew five gum: 0:33 New five gum. Stimulate your senses.

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    sheep Vor 16 Minuten

    *Dad* *Why are you crying so god damn loud?*

  • Joshua Auditore
    Joshua Auditore Vor 16 Minuten

    I liked drawing and doodling spider webs on my papers and school assignments. I was really great at it. One time I drew a perfect picture of Iron Man on the back of an assignment and my teacher gave me extra credit. Good thing my teacher was huge Iron Man fan, am I right?

  • Avery Ringstrom
    Avery Ringstrom Vor 17 Minuten

    Jaiden: Loud flushing toilets Me: *shows my mom* SEE IN NOT ALONE

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    A void of pure insanity lives in each individual and can either be controlled or become the controller.

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    Amy Elizondo Vor 23 Minuten

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    Bubblegum gacha Stories Vor 23 Minuten

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    doodlepenguin5 Vor 23 Minuten

    I have a “friend”. We work on the same Destination Imagination team, and one day she hits me with a potato masher on my back, causing damage to the muscles, bones, and nerves. This all happened about 5 days ago. And she also caused my depression which I have to take 2 pills a morning to help that. She got mad at me because I threatened to fight back and punch her. (I’m a black belt in Tai Kwon Do) It’s amazing how much one person can do, steal your friends, cause your depression, steal from you, abuse you with a potato masher, and more. Don’t feel bad for me because one day, it won’t matter. My bones in my back will be fixed, my depression will be gone. And have my weird, awesome, nice, cool, Pokémon loving, friends back. And I will never have to worry about the B**** that did this s*** to me.

    • doodlepenguin5
      doodlepenguin5 Vor 12 Minuten

      All I’m gonna say once more, is that everything in this vid is exactly like the stupid realationship between me and this girl who abuses me.... 😔😔😔

  • C.M.P. Official
    C.M.P. Official Vor 24 Minuten

    Jayden you and I have the same type of hair and even tho I cut it to shoulder length and I still have issues cuz it's to THICK

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    Violent Marshmellow Vor 24 Minuten

    I have the urge to draw them-

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    434444334 Vor 24 Minuten

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    LOL, Japanese mafia= my hero academia league of villains

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    my mom works for cps so stop your letting yourself down your going down the torturing path turn back before its to late be happy i never even am happy at all cuz i gat bullied at scholl im my mind dont go down this path i want you to be happier please play this song its called happier by marshlellow it makes me feel good trust me im not joking around im serious

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    That sombody did an oopsie in at the beginning of the year

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    Improv Plus Vor 26 Minuten

    Middle school health teachers: Teenagers need 8-10 hours of sleep at night. Here’s two pages of homework. *The next day* Middle school health teachers: What! How did you not get the homework done? Me: I have 6 other classes with the same amount if not more homework than you assigned AND did what you said and got 9 hours of sleep!

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    Man, I really wish I had an Ari, they seem so cute and friendly and . . . . . . . house friendly . . ? I really like Ari's ^_^

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    the self-deprecation carries a lot more weight now that we know what she was going through.

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    Me: I’m going to be happy! Depression, Anxiety, Paranoia: Hold my beer

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    I used to have my hair full blue. Then it faded and i had this grossly blonde hairstyle. Then it grew out in my naturally brunette color. Then i cut it. So now i have this brunette hair with blonde ends so.... thanks dye! I love it

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    Joey Reid Vor 29 Minuten

    4:21 sometimes though, in this scenario of “do it or I’ll hurt myself” that’s kinda what happens some times it’s more of “if this doesn’t happen I’ll hurt myself, and the “just break up with me” one is more a sign of depression, because people who are depressed push people away even when others try to help because they don’t want to hurt others, or they are afraid of being hurt or even a combination of both,

  • RxseQuarts
    RxseQuarts Vor 29 Minuten

    so when jaiden talked about her getting pierced by her mom’s thick hair i remembered that i one time stepped on a needle and it didnt hurt, or bleed, that was fun

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    Hoi Jaden i really love your videos and you are the best you should check out chara_dremers channel her channel is cool too and she could use help with het channel but if you want to please subscribe to her channel i love your videos and i subscribe to your channel and like all your videos

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