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  • Ronald Johnson
    Ronald Johnson Vor 2 Stunden

    Colin are you on some type of drug, Dam near half the NFL teams depend on the QB'S, you can clearly see Gase and the jets were a different team, with Sam I'am in there, Gase was a dead man walking ,when sam I'am came back suddenly life was breathed back into him,

  • Arthur Fonzarelli
    Arthur Fonzarelli Vor 2 Stunden

    I love Colin's NFL opinions they are strong and more times than not right but his college opinion sucks

  • Felix D
    Felix D Vor 2 Stunden

    Clippers will win your right Colin defence wins championships. Oh and they have Kawhi Leonard.

  • Felix D
    Felix D Vor 2 Stunden

    I love Colin’s respect for Kawhi. He is an all time great and deserves this. Thanks Colin for being one of the few media personalities for respecting an all Time great. Much love for this smart and insightful commentary.

  • RaeQuan C
    RaeQuan C Vor 2 Stunden

    I’m tired people mentioning the pats defense when they haven’t played a Top 10 offense besides the bills everybody else is in the bottom 25

  • Steve Davies
    Steve Davies Vor 2 Stunden

    Ravens are taking the L. GO HAWKS!!!

  • jack kim
    jack kim Vor 2 Stunden

    All wrong, , his guesses are as good as anyone who knows alit about basketball

  • RaeQuan C
    RaeQuan C Vor 2 Stunden

    You crazy asl if u think we only relay on Mahomes with all our playmakers

  • Marvel Antonio
    Marvel Antonio Vor 2 Stunden

    Oh Darby is special all right!

  • 49ers #1
    49ers #1 Vor 2 Stunden

    Go niners!!!!

  • Bo-Bo Boski
    Bo-Bo Boski Vor 2 Stunden

    Legend has it that ray performed his own surgery

  • Violenza Fantastica
    Violenza Fantastica Vor 2 Stunden

    Video has aged like fine wine now that Mayfield is the worst QB in the league.

  • Alchemica Blackwood
    Alchemica Blackwood Vor 2 Stunden

    You know you're the man when you can get away with wearing shorts to an interview!

  • Goerge Wipf
    Goerge Wipf Vor 2 Stunden

    Does Colin now ravens defense is very bad. Russell. Is going to throw all over them

  • The Knights Dark
    The Knights Dark Vor 2 Stunden

    He wasn't the best player on the spurs championship lol not even was the 2nd best player in that championship

  • Elijah
    Elijah Vor 2 Stunden

    I think any college coach would have a hard time turning down the cowboys, this isn't a rebuild, this is a team with all the talent...

  • George Mess
    George Mess Vor 2 Stunden

    Hey Colin, when you have a guest on, try not to talk over them so much. Remember that the whole reason you invited them on was for their contribution to your show, not because they were dying to hear your take on every question you asked them, but refused to let them answer.

  • Jojo de Villa
    Jojo de Villa Vor 2 Stunden

    Nick wright is speaking truth, and truth hurts thats why!

  • spidys
    spidys Vor 2 Stunden

    “Like it?” “I LOVE IT!!!”

  • Tayvon Carter
    Tayvon Carter Vor 2 Stunden

    I wouldn’t be mad about a urban Meyer hire by the Dallas Cowboys 👀 🏆

    NDFOOTBALL Vor 2 Stunden

    Trump 2020 landslide victory

  • Fishface098
    Fishface098 Vor 3 Stunden

    NBA predictions East: 76ers Bucks Celtics Nets Pacers Raptors Heat Pistons West: Clippers Nuggets Lakers Jazz Warriors Trail Blazers Rockets Spurs

    • Tod Wilkinson
      Tod Wilkinson Vor 2 Stunden

      seems about right. That's how I rank them too. except I put Boston more like 6th. I think the Hawks might make the playoffs.

  • Jonathon Robinson
    Jonathon Robinson Vor 3 Stunden

    Yes the colts will beat Houston they really only lost one game this year to the raiders, the first game against the Chargers that went to OT where Vinitari missed 2 field goal and a extra point is a loss that just shouldn't have happened so keep sleeping on the Colts

  • Lou Christensen
    Lou Christensen Vor 3 Stunden

    Urban is Great! however...were better with Day.

  • jon mar
    jon mar Vor 3 Stunden

    Dallas will lose 6 of there last 7 games. Book it

  • Devon Reaws
    Devon Reaws Vor 3 Stunden

    when mahomes heals up...this dude is about to go offfff!!! i can feeel itt!!

    BRANDON TOO FLY Vor 3 Stunden

    Stop acting like Kawhi locked down Giannis by himself. Every time Giannis drove to the basket Marc, Ibaka, and Siakam came and played help defense around the rim.

  • Ryland Cisco
    Ryland Cisco Vor 3 Stunden

    Since when is 36-24 a blowout?? 💀💀

  • Charles Waples
    Charles Waples Vor 3 Stunden

    Michigan hasnt been fun to watch since Harbaugh has been there.

  • sports king sprots king

    Dallas was more humiliated

  • Martin Caidin
    Martin Caidin Vor 3 Stunden

    aging o-line? every starter is under 30.

  • Kevin Mckay
    Kevin Mckay Vor 3 Stunden

    I se he left the saints out of his picks this week 😭 probably tired of us proving him wrong

  • Manatee Power
    Manatee Power Vor 3 Stunden

    "Dallas is Amaaaazing! They once won a superbowl 25 years ago!" Yup, Exactly like the New York Yankees. Oh yeah, and the two best coaches under Jones were forced out. Sounds like a dream job to me!!

  • Dylan O
    Dylan O Vor 3 Stunden

    Didn’t the Chiefs win 30-6 without Mahomes for most of the game? I know it’s the Broncos, but still.

  • Caleb Choi
    Caleb Choi Vor 3 Stunden

    What about Patrick Peterson coming back?

  • Michael Marks
    Michael Marks Vor 3 Stunden

    The Madden Curse awakens! Mahomes needs to do a Campbell Soup commercial now too...

  • KingCetshwayo
    KingCetshwayo Vor 3 Stunden

    What’s the other thing he heard about Mahomes?

  • Sage Antone
    Sage Antone Vor 3 Stunden

    No, it actually was the refs, dipshit.

  • Cam Kuechly
    Cam Kuechly Vor 3 Stunden

    Lakers at 5 and no rockets? Yea you really are a complete idiot.

  • Hug Savage
    Hug Savage Vor 3 Stunden

    Moat important take and guest you talk about the most irrelevant topic ever

    iDARRYELi Vor 3 Stunden

    All these haters 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love it

    THINKER YY Vor 3 Stunden

    Chiefs defense sacked Flacco 9 times 🤔

  • Daniel Lambert
    Daniel Lambert Vor 3 Stunden

    clemson slept though unc ?

  • Miles
    Miles Vor 3 Stunden

    “Ronald Darby who’s special” Me, an eagles fan: 😐 no

  • jason sims
    jason sims Vor 3 Stunden

    he didn't mention the Patriots vs jets because we all know who will win

  • G A
    G A Vor 3 Stunden

    Idk. Mahomes is good and all. I don't care. People get hurt. It sucks. I find it more interesting when good teams have to adapt

  • Opry99er
    Opry99er Vor 3 Stunden

    Colin is a thick trunky kid with a Midwest ethos....

  • Chief Tain
    Chief Tain Vor 3 Stunden

    Guuuuys, coaches are people too 😢😢

  • Aaron
    Aaron Vor 3 Stunden

    Chiefs miss Hunt badly. Too bad he got in trouble

  • Dave Griffin
    Dave Griffin Vor 3 Stunden

    I was just waiting for him to pick against the saints again

  • Ancient Chi
    Ancient Chi Vor 3 Stunden

    Niners #1 baby

  • Michael King
    Michael King Vor 3 Stunden

    Not far off. I suspect Utah will be fighting for that too spot, as will Denver (barring injuries). I think it'll come down to Clippers and Jazz in the conference finals. The 2 deepest rosters right now and very well coached

  • Chris Peters
    Chris Peters Vor 3 Stunden

    so phi is gonna force dallas to throw? ok!!!

  • Ryan
    Ryan Vor 3 Stunden

    Urban: that 08 team had great kids... I couldn’t agree with that. Aaron Hernandez was on that squad. 😬

  • Derek Baker
    Derek Baker Vor 4 Stunden

    I’ll never understand complacency. I’ve been on some terrible teams and I’ve been on some great teams. Apathy was never an issue. It was always about how can we leave no doubt we are the best not only in our division/conference/state or country but the best of all time without a doubt. We never achieved that but that was our mentality if we lost in a blowout or if we won in a blowout. This was high school. I can’t imagine anyone in college being apathetic.

  • BrutalBubba
    BrutalBubba Vor 4 Stunden

    Please Colin keep picking against the Seahawks like you did last week because every time you do THEY WIN.

  • Tekk Luthor
    Tekk Luthor Vor 4 Stunden

    Because Kawhi has no loyalty. He left a championship team to go play for a "better" market. He can't guarantee me that I can trust and build something around him

  • Jon Lit
    Jon Lit Vor 4 Stunden

    Urban Meyer pls come to dallas pls

  • Jon Creed
    Jon Creed Vor 4 Stunden

    Urban should've taken Cleveland job

  • Hollywood Wade
    Hollywood Wade Vor 4 Stunden

    Once I saw Matt Moore in the game I turned the game off. If Mahomes isn't playing I'm not watching their games.

  • Camsquad Highlights
    Camsquad Highlights Vor 4 Stunden

    Dats tuff the rockets missing the playoffs with 2 MVPs Clint capela, Eric Gordon, and Pj tucker also the Houston Bench he hates Westbrook

  • Get Money
    Get Money Vor 4 Stunden

    Colin knows what he’s talking about I love these picks

  • Edward Onofrio
    Edward Onofrio Vor 4 Stunden

    Great to listen to Urban

  • C Legere
    C Legere Vor 4 Stunden

    I love your show, but Colin...GO HAWKS!!!

  • Venitra DeGraffenreid
    Venitra DeGraffenreid Vor 4 Stunden

    I love how Coach comes on Colin's show in shorts! Great piece!

  • Markus Beaman
    Markus Beaman Vor 4 Stunden

    The NFC is a gauntlet !!!!!!!

  • Jason Canfield
    Jason Canfield Vor 4 Stunden

    He is still a complete scumbag and I don’t want him talking about Michigan. Guy let his mentors son beat his wife and lied about it enough said.

  • Ashton Owens
    Ashton Owens Vor 4 Stunden

    Imagine thinking the Colts will win!🤣

    • Aaron Gonzalez
      Aaron Gonzalez Vor 3 Stunden

      No one expected them to beat the Chiefs but it's alright tho keep sleepin

  • Sp1n4k 8
    Sp1n4k 8 Vor 4 Stunden

    With Luck Indy would have won the AFC Championship

  • aldoa 223
    aldoa 223 Vor 4 Stunden

    Why does he never do the 49ers

  • Ricardo Garcia
    Ricardo Garcia Vor 4 Stunden

    I really love how he still doesn’t say Michigan

  • Nicholas Paul
    Nicholas Paul Vor 4 Stunden

    Colts over Houston????? I know colts have GREAT coaching off a bye week tooooo. But I would take Houston over Indianapolis. Gonna be a great game though. 31 17 Houston

  • Austin Criswell
    Austin Criswell Vor 4 Stunden

    Why do we even have other scores? According to him it will just be scores in the 20s

  • いたちイチゴ
    いたちイチゴ Vor 4 Stunden

    If I were a Cowgirls fan I'd say poke Carolina and see if Supercam is available and at what price... If Cam Newton had that offensive line with Zeke and Amari, Cobbin in the slot, seriously DAL would be a legit SB contender.

  • Austin Criswell
    Austin Criswell Vor 4 Stunden

    I'm willing to bet a lot of money that out of the 5 picks he just made, maybe one of them will finish the game with both teams being in the 20s

  • Robert Kennett
    Robert Kennett Vor 4 Stunden

    P.S. Pat Jones was born and raised in Arkansas (it is a beautiful state) and he chose Tulsa to move to for his retirement. Many, many people from places around the world have found that they are supremely happy after having moved to Oklahoma.

  • needsalt
    needsalt Vor 4 Stunden

    rockets prediction is bold af

  • Turtle Johnson Ohio
    Turtle Johnson Ohio Vor 4 Stunden

    If the cowboys get Urban Meyer ...... 🏆

  • Michael Oden
    Michael Oden Vor 4 Stunden

    Just seen someone’s comment that said, “Brady has all 6 infinity rings and he snapped his fingers.” I’m 💀😂🤣

  • Robert Kennett
    Robert Kennett Vor 4 Stunden

    Everybody is different. What makes life good for you? I think Lincoln Riley is smart and realizes that day in, day out; year in, year out, he will enjoy his time, his family, his friends, and overall be happiest being the head coach at OU. Bob Stoops knows, Barry Switzer knows. Ask people (smart people) like former OSU coach Pat Jones, odds are Lincoln wouldn't enjoy the life that the NFL would make for him as where his is now. Barry and Bob will never have to buy another meal in Oklahoma, Lincoln could easily be just as revered with a career at OU.

  • Bluepig 06
    Bluepig 06 Vor 4 Stunden

    Make this comment have 69 likes

  • Ian
    Ian Vor 4 Stunden

    I don't get betting odds

  • Jacob Meyer
    Jacob Meyer Vor 4 Stunden

    Look at the description. Why does it say "former Michigan head coach Urban Meyer" ???

  • rksp215
    rksp215 Vor 4 Stunden

    Whoever wins this week has more control of their Destiny than any team in the NFC

  • Sampleador
    Sampleador Vor 4 Stunden

    The jones monopolized the dallas cowboys press conferences draft contracts not a good place for licoln

  • Hooper
    Hooper Vor 4 Stunden

    Camera over here !! Tv Gold !!

  • Hooper
    Hooper Vor 4 Stunden

    Best show in TV !!!!!!!

  • King Raven
    King Raven Vor 4 Stunden

    Dont pick the Ravens to win 🤦🏾‍♂️ They play better as underdogs 😂

  • Anonimni Profil
    Anonimni Profil Vor 4 Stunden

    Looks like another 1/5 week.

  • Andrew Furyk
    Andrew Furyk Vor 4 Stunden

    Joel Klatt VS Colin Cowherd at WrestleMania 36. Book It Vince.

  • Ant New
    Ant New Vor 4 Stunden

    Boy, urban Meyer sure looks healthy. Thought he was having problems with his head😂😂😂

  • Mark Clements
    Mark Clements Vor 4 Stunden


  • Ashok Iyer
    Ashok Iyer Vor 4 Stunden

    Patriots made a huge blunder by releasing Antonio brown Should have waited

  • Derek G
    Derek G Vor 4 Stunden

    Colin Cowherd doesn't understand one of the most basic principles of the NBA, that is it a business first. Amateur clown.

  • Ray Eurill
    Ray Eurill Vor 4 Stunden

    First kawhi ain’t break gs up draymond did

    • Tod Wilkinson
      Tod Wilkinson Vor 2 Stunden

      He still beat them though directly after Curry, Green and Thompson all had their best series of their career. It's true look it up. The Warriors are better without Durant. They all put up amazing production in the WCF against Portland

  • Christian Abreu
    Christian Abreu Vor 4 Stunden

    Colin switched up on Lebron Real quick k mmg

  • Grace Gian
    Grace Gian Vor 4 Stunden

    AFC boring! too easy for TB12, that is why their winning. No challenge!

  • Cole Straughn
    Cole Straughn Vor 4 Stunden

    Colin “like it? I absolutely love it” Cowherd

  • Guy's Picks
    Guy's Picks Vor 4 Stunden

    Only one I don't like is Indy over Houston. Also, Colin finally showing my G-men some love!

  • Brian Cox
    Brian Cox Vor 4 Stunden

    1.Chiefs backup is injured too. 2. They crushed dinner after mahomes got hurt.