Binging with Babish: Teamster Sandwich from 30 Rock

  • Am 31 Jul 2018 veröffentlicht
  • You haven't heard of sandwich day? It's one special day each year that the teamsters gleefully hand out roast beef, fresh mozzarella, and roast red pepper sandwiches with special dipping sauce from their secret Brooklyn deli. Now, thanks to a single thirdhand source on the internet, that secret deli has been revealed as Fiore's House of Quality in Hoboken, NJ. This week, let's take a crack at bringing some of those generations-old Italian secrets into our kitchen.
    Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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  • Jasper Haaster
    Jasper Haaster Vor 5 Stunden

    He didnt say kocher salt, its not the real babish.

  • kickin' chicken
    kickin' chicken Vor 16 Stunden

    The best black nitrile gloves can be found at most auto parts stores or in the paint department at Walmart

  • EvilLordDeimos
    EvilLordDeimos Vor 17 Stunden

    Italian sandwich shop in Brooklyn? John's Deli by the D train?

  • travarus levigne

    FOR THE LAST TIME WHITE PEOPLE SALT AND PEPPER IS NOT SEASONING😒use actual season u using air to supposedly season your meat

  • Eric MacKay
    Eric MacKay Vor Tag

    You said “extrudite” but I think you meant “extricate”.

  • Rui Suimitsusa
    Rui Suimitsusa Vor 4 Tage

    Just a babish way having tinted glasses in the kitchen..

  • Craig Savarese
    Craig Savarese Vor 5 Tage

    Please do your version of the BROODWICH from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

  • Dmac
    Dmac Vor 5 Tage

    That's a French dip sandwich

  • Landry
    Landry Vor 5 Tage

    I wonder which came first, the Teamster sandwich from 30 Rock or Pretzel Day from The Office

  • christopher bastas
    christopher bastas Vor 8 Tage

    As a NJ native. We all know this place. It's essential to growing up Jersey.

  • Marko Lukic
    Marko Lukic Vor 8 Tage

    that roasting pan is sweet.

  • Ethan Hughes
    Ethan Hughes Vor 10 Tage

    If I am ever feeling down or bad or bored or I happened to just happen to see this vid, I just watch it and I feel better

    • Ethan Hughes
      Ethan Hughes Vor 10 Tage

      And I forgot to exclaim how much I want this sandwich..... I want that sandwich soooooo bad

  • Fubar and friends
    Fubar and friends Vor 11 Tage

    Thanks for your awsome show bro keep up the vids!!!

  • Bruce Bauer
    Bruce Bauer Vor 12 Tage

    Hey, what oven pan is that? I've been looking for one that's stove-top safe, but most don't specify. I checked your website and it's not listed with the equipment.

  • Kyle
    Kyle Vor 13 Tage

    Salt? W-w--what kind of salt? I don’t know what to do guys

  • Kolibric
    Kolibric Vor 16 Tage

    Conclusion: Babish really likes roasted beef

  • umbraheart1
    umbraheart1 Vor 17 Tage

    Ok he says they get it in Brooklyn but rumored in Hoboken I’m thinking it’s probably defontes or even Caputos

  • Bear C137
    Bear C137 Vor 17 Tage

    I wanna get a li'l fat!

  • Cory Kausch
    Cory Kausch Vor 17 Tage +1

    When are we gonna get the low cal calzone zone?

  • Bobby Pfender
    Bobby Pfender Vor 26 Tage

    Hell yeah.69k likes gang!

  • Christopher Anton
    Christopher Anton Vor 26 Tage

    I love fiories!

  • Boy Simbol
    Boy Simbol Vor 28 Tage

    Hey watch your mouth

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig Vor 28 Tage

    I'm binge watching his videos coz I haven't eaten in a day yet

  • Philip Ryan
    Philip Ryan Vor 28 Tage


  • ForeverRanger 91
    ForeverRanger 91 Vor 29 Tage

    Nothing tops a good Roast beef sandwich.

  • Filippo de Martino
    Filippo de Martino Vor Monat

    shouldnt have you used wet mozarella in this case?

  • SentinelGhost
    SentinelGhost Vor Monat

    Those black gloves can also be found in any auto parts or hardware store

  • General Stroidist
    General Stroidist Vor Monat

    "Some roasted red peppers which have been marinated with a metric F U C K ton of crushed garlic"
    I don't know why but that made me laugh for like 10 Minits straight with me constantly rewinding and changing the speed all the way to slow to fast

  • Hadron Hydrogen
    Hadron Hydrogen Vor Monat

    69k likes lol

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia Vor Monat

    you wont feel as hip but you can get nitrile gloves from any auto store

  • Rick koontz
    Rick koontz Vor Monat

    This was Parks and rec answer to pretzel day

  • Rick koontz
    Rick koontz Vor Monat

    Says kosher salt, uses maldon, I like your style

  • cmonBruh
    cmonBruh Vor Monat +1

    Literally nobody:
    Not a single soul:

  • jedidiah robinson
    jedidiah robinson Vor Monat

    The sauce was a tomato base

  • johnny'sYoutubevideos

    I've always guessed the sandwich spot is defonte's in red hook

  • ShadowT23
    ShadowT23 Vor Monat

    30 rock fuckin sucked

  • Thomas Calabio
    Thomas Calabio Vor Monat +1

    They clearly said it’s from Brooklyn so let’s go to jersey to get the stuff

  • LT War Chief
    LT War Chief Vor Monat

    When you feel like flying from California to New Jersey for a sandwich

    • Skellig
      Skellig Vor Monat

      He lives in New York, I'm not sure how far away from new Jersey that is as I don't know much about American geography

  • TheGogeta222
    TheGogeta222 Vor Monat

    What does 115° Fahrenheit means for the rest of the world?

  • Fugettaboutit
    Fugettaboutit Vor Monat

    I get this sandwich all the time, essentially with hot roast beef but I also include fried eggplant. One of my favorites.

  • CNMA
    CNMA Vor Monat

    Please make the club sandwich from bricklberry

  • Jamie Procter
    Jamie Procter Vor Monat

    Ahh I cant watch it.. removing the fat = removing flavour!!!!!!!

  • Mitchell Heisserer
    Mitchell Heisserer Vor 2 Monate +3

    The colors looked a little weird in this video maybe check the white balance on the camera.

  • A Hyena
    A Hyena Vor 2 Monate +47

    I really like the thought of Babish asking for gloves at his local tattoo parlor just so he can look cooler while cooking.

  • deadloxete
    deadloxete Vor 2 Monate

    Babish: I tried to emulate it despite not having a deli slicer-
    me: *looks over by toaster where I have a deli slicer* Whelp- guess it isn't the most common kitchen item

  • ajay.f
    ajay.f Vor 2 Monate

    I for the life of me can’t understand why people like eating pinkmeat! Like no thank you 🤢🤮

  • Vinny M
    Vinny M Vor 2 Monate

    Dude how long are you going to ignore the broodwich, whole fried cow with cheese injected, and thanksgiving taco pie from Aqua Teen Hunger Force? I mean, even the damn characters are fricking food items!

  • Guy Calabrese
    Guy Calabrese Vor 2 Monate


  • 527 N.Y.C.
    527 N.Y.C. Vor 2 Monate +1


  • daveogarf
    daveogarf Vor 2 Monate

    Excellent recipe, but that ad nauseum repetitive synthesizer is getting VERY annoying!

  • Daniel Bittencourt
    Daniel Bittencourt Vor 2 Monate

    There’s a handful of things better in this world than a great sandwich 🤤

  • Ryan Malik
    Ryan Malik Vor 2 Monate

    🤣 i just eat that meat than make it to sandwich.
    Btw how much money you used to make that sandwich?

  • Kai .Isensee
    Kai .Isensee Vor 2 Monate

    Didn´t know whether to eat sth or directly go to sleep... You just took that decision from me :D Awesome video, as always!

  • Muneeb Hassan
    Muneeb Hassan Vor 2 Monate +4

    The perfect sandwich from Teen Titans go
    Like so he can see

  • Tilley Hat-Man
    Tilley Hat-Man Vor 2 Monate

    Is this a mucky fat sub?

    • Tilley Hat-Man
      Tilley Hat-Man Vor 2 Monate

      Maybe Italian Muck fat, probably from the North of Italy .

  • Jigmcfugduck W
    Jigmcfugduck W Vor 2 Monate

    I feel like me and Andrew would really get along

  • Josef Stalin
    Josef Stalin Vor 2 Monate

    5:13 small saucepin

  • Peepcheeks
    Peepcheeks Vor 2 Monate

    I thought that fucking said hamster

  • James Tipton
    James Tipton Vor 2 Monate

    You should get a meat slicer

  • ChibaCityBlues
    ChibaCityBlues Vor 2 Monate

    Please do Celsius as well!