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  • Am 17 Aug 2018 veröffentlicht
  • Every other week, cook-a-long with me on Twitch as I make the previous week's Basics with Babish episode. This is the rebroadcast of the Sous Vide live stream, where I make steak with a sous vide.
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  • Raras Umaratih
    Raras Umaratih Vor 3 Monate

    Will you please make Basics with Babish: Edibles?

  • K -Ray
    K -Ray Vor 3 Monate

    Hey Andy, that noise is actually the impeller contacting the side of the cap on the Anova. May need to straighten it.

  • Kaperezo
    Kaperezo Vor 4 Monate

    yum blood

  • Ulm Wurttemberg
    Ulm Wurttemberg Vor 4 Monate

    butter, beef fat, oil, and women to break up the monotony of dealing with dudes all day.

  • axnjxn2k1
    axnjxn2k1 Vor 4 Monate

    I sear before and after sous vide for large roasts (lamb, beef, pork, etc) - not 1-2" thick steaks (only sear after as Babish said)

  • Robert Patterson
    Robert Patterson Vor 4 Monate

    Can u do a vid. Of just u talking all the time? Oh , wait ,. It’s this one👎🤪🤢🤮

  • D L
    D L Vor 4 Monate

    Pasteurize flour because of e.coli?
    e.coli isn't what makes you sick.
    E.coli grows in the presence of feces. If you have e.coli in your flour just throw it away....

  • Marvie4
    Marvie4 Vor 5 Monate

    Dear god the chewing sounds.

  • Tyler
    Tyler Vor 5 Monate

    How is that goat cheese dish that sounds like nudie spelled? I couldn’t help but laugh when he said what sounded like “I’d love to have her nudie” Yes I’m a grown child.. what can I say.

  • albert hall
    albert hall Vor 5 Monate

    glad i was asleep when u came on woke up 2 u saying u would boil 4 eggs 4 2 HOURS WTF

  • Jiggly Bumflesh
    Jiggly Bumflesh Vor 5 Monate

    8 second hand wash, nice!

  • Ricky Kearney
    Ricky Kearney Vor 5 Monate


  • Elsa Svenningsson
    Elsa Svenningsson Vor 5 Monate


  • Justin Palmer
    Justin Palmer Vor 5 Monate

    Great whisky choices!

  • douglas becker
    douglas becker Vor 5 Monate

    Could I souvide in the kitchen sink.

  • douglas becker
    douglas becker Vor 5 Monate +3

    Awesome I found your channel...bro just bought me a souvide

  • Maria Pena
    Maria Pena Vor 5 Monate

    That watch is g o r g e o u s!

  • Erin Pelletier
    Erin Pelletier Vor 6 Monate

    I implore you...please stop using the term BINGE. Especially when it comes to food. I have had a severe eating disorder for 10 years and it makes me so angry to see people using this word so lightly. It is not a colloquialism. For so many sufferers it is a reminder of the pain we endure.

  • Paxton Hambling
    Paxton Hambling Vor 6 Monate +1

    I smoke pretty often, and edibles just knock me right out. I agree Andrew, not for me either

  • Keri Harguess
    Keri Harguess Vor 6 Monate

    I’m gonna save this for steak and eggs. Keeps eating the steak. 😆

  • smile
    smile Vor 6 Monate


  • Dein Papa
    Dein Papa Vor 6 Monate

    pastorise flour .... ofc wtf

  • Jeanne Nilsson
    Jeanne Nilsson Vor 7 Monate

    Feet on the Kitchen Table, hmm maybe pay 20 just to avoid it ;D Cook Man, without t-shirt or whatever, but Cook some Serious Food :)

  • Sam Blake
    Sam Blake Vor 7 Monate

    Apart from the great cooking, What watch are you wearing? looks great!

  • GenaReal
    GenaReal Vor 7 Monate +1

    You cooked a expensive steak but cooked the eggs to long and you could of just cut it right off you dont have to rest at all for that. Also not med rare that almost "frankly" need to learn a few steps on cooking that

  • Takoda Eagle
    Takoda Eagle Vor 7 Monate

    “Thats cap right there” 🙅🏿‍♂️🧢

  • Austen Ruddle
    Austen Ruddle Vor 7 Monate


  • Austen Ruddle
    Austen Ruddle Vor 7 Monate


  • Karen Eikman
    Karen Eikman Vor 7 Monate +1

    I’m a vegetarian but even this bloody looking thing looks amazing

  • thereisnospace
    thereisnospace Vor 8 Monate

    38:27 i understood that reference!

  • Cami C
    Cami C Vor 8 Monate

    I listened to this whole video last night because I was too lazy to get up. I enjoyed it

  • Joel Carey
    Joel Carey Vor 8 Monate

    do u got a girlfreind

  • kaykay52288
    kaykay52288 Vor 8 Monate

    Can you do more episodes on the sous vide? I heard you can make vegetables or Creme Brulee with it and we just got one for Christmas and want to try more than just steaks

  • C.J. O'Dell
    C.J. O'Dell Vor 9 Monate

    0:19. Close enough.

  • Fatima Saeed
    Fatima Saeed Vor 9 Monate

    Claire is leaving BA????????????????

  • Christine Luder
    Christine Luder Vor 9 Monate

    Watching this made me want to go buy a sous vide machine

    • Tyler
      Tyler Vor 5 Monate

      I’m buying one just to circulate eggs in😂

  • tears of candy
    tears of candy Vor 9 Monate

    Uhm i just went on my phone.. and look like i watched this while i was sleeping, uhm

    • Tyler
      Tyler Vor 5 Monate

      Haha. I fell asleep watching the dude who tried the original coke cola recipe, wake up and this was on. Which sucked because I didn’t eat anything yesterday... seeing him cutting into a beautiful bone in ribeye.... I didn’t catch it after the video like you did but, I got here accidentally.

  • VoluntaryismIsTheAnswer

    FYI for the lurkers, this is unnecessary; the only eggs that are problematic to eat raw are a certain strain of white egg layers in the southeast, because big ag fed dead diseased birds to other birds- salmonella then became endemic IN their ovaries. Get brown or be sure of your source. I suspect this is less than useful to the sort of people who pasteurize flour, but there ya go. Facts, not fear porn 👊

  • Frank Qu
    Frank Qu Vor 9 Monate

    thanks for the interesting video!

  • Lisa Segal
    Lisa Segal Vor 9 Monate

    why dont you show your face?

  • Dj W1ck3d
    Dj W1ck3d Vor 9 Monate

    The fact that he’s from New York and not wearing Tim’s

  • Kishan Guptar
    Kishan Guptar Vor 10 Monate


  • DJ StaRyu
    DJ StaRyu Vor 10 Monate

    that looks medium or maybe even medium well. i think you left it on the pan for too long. sous vide everything has perfect medium rare steaks

  • Ó Slattarra
    Ó Slattarra Vor 10 Monate

    Always butter baste. Mmm...toss some garlic in.

  • bwatching
    bwatching Vor 10 Monate

    One thing to add I learned about the polycarbonate is they are no longer bpa free so unless you are doing eggs in a Oliso Smart Hub or Sousvide Supreme which is stainless steel you either want to put the eggs and circulator into a pot or put the eggs in a bpa free plastic bag with some water to weigh them down (no need to vacuum) Also to note the translucent containers are BPA free but don’t have the heat tolerance for sousvide. They are great for dough proofing

  • Jesus Ramon
    Jesus Ramon Vor 10 Monate

    Hey Babish, I heard you say you shouldn't pre sear your protein before sous vide but truth is you can. Chef steps who have a ton of experience in sous vide do it on a prime rib and they explain allot of the reasoning behind how they sous vide certain things. If you're going to do more sound vide videos I would definitely check them out. I learned a lot about sous vide through them.

  • Justin Martin
    Justin Martin Vor 10 Monate

    That's the stuff. Great looking lump of meat and not afraid of the fat. Why are people terrified of the fat on meat? Tasty.

  • Mr.Trolls McGee
    Mr.Trolls McGee Vor 11 Monate

    You can sous vide right in a cooler as well with one or two hot water changes done it about 5 times works perfect

  • Vide Nobuoka
    Vide Nobuoka Vor 11 Monate

    check my name

  • Earthdawn
    Earthdawn Vor 11 Monate

    The link to the episode takes me to the risotto livestream

  • Andrew Vazquez
    Andrew Vazquez Vor 11 Monate

    You could have used the tongs behind you to drop the eggs 😂😂

  • josh garcia
    josh garcia Vor 11 Monate

    Do you have your own cooking brand like knifes silverware etc?

  • landofpc
    landofpc Vor 11 Monate

    plastic conteners? cancer no thank you

  • Theberryflare
    Theberryflare Vor 11 Monate

    Wait, you're from Rochester? I am too! I heard you say you missed DiBellas but what about Wegmans?

  • Jingizu
    Jingizu Vor 11 Monate +5

    Love the channel Babish. I'm late to the party, but I have to say you were only partially correct on the anti pre-sear stance for beef. While you were absolutely correct that sous-vide cooking will ruin a good sear, there are times when pre-searing is useful. You can use the sous-vide to cook really tough cuts of meat like a 36 hour chuck roast or some 72 hour short ribs. When you do it is a good idea to either parboil or pre-sear the meat because there can be microbes on the surface that will reproduce at the low temperature and long cooking time. They aren't necessarily dangerous, but they will make your meat smell like old socks so killing them before you bag your meat keeps you from having to throw away a roast. After removing from the sous-vide you can hit the meat with a really quick second sear for texture and you don't have to sear as long to get the browning you want.
    Also, as a quick note, when you sous-vide beef, no matter what temp you cook it to, the meat may appear somewhat grey when first cut. This is because it has been deprived of oxygen while cooking, and the myoglobin isn't oxygenated (myoglobin is the protein or heme that makes beef red). As the meat rests, the remaining myoglobin is exposed to oxygen, and the beef will slowly redden. So even though sous-vide beef doesn't need to rest for the traditional reason (thermal equilibrium) it is still a good idea to rest your steak for a few minutes the way you did. It's still tasty either way, but it just looks better.
    Final comment and then I promise to stop being a pedantic putz. Despite the common misconception, the Anova and machines like it are not sous-vide, the machines are immersion circulators. Sous-vide is the cooking technique and is French for under vacuum. While that steak was beautifully sous-vide, being vacuum sealed before being placed in the immersion circulator, those eggs were not. College professor mode disengaged. I now return you to your regularly scheduled awesome cooking.

  • BubBaL00
    BubBaL00 Vor 11 Monate

    you should smoke some salmon!

  • Ivana Verhas
    Ivana Verhas Vor year

    Hi love jor vids

  • Jordan Ofori
    Jordan Ofori Vor year

    are those oven mitts? Cuz it looks like they suck ass.

  • I'm a weeb, but
    I'm a weeb, but Vor year

    I actually have one

  • jlindholm2000
    jlindholm2000 Vor year

    What is the glass of icons collecting in the lower right corner for?

  • Boshua Borman
    Boshua Borman Vor year +2

    Man didn't even cook it

  • Amber Werth
    Amber Werth Vor year

    I was so confused and then realized it wasn’t a voice over

  • Just some nigba
    Just some nigba Vor year


  • iwearhats
    iwearhats Vor year

    you should do another one from Hannibal and cook your cameraman

  • Expired._.Coochie

    I was 2 minuts late

  • Garrett McArdle
    Garrett McArdle Vor year

    21:40 got super lit for a second. Also I love your channel, I wish I was as passionate about anything as much as you are about cooking.

  • Josh
    Josh Vor year

    Cube steak and sticky onion gravy.

  • Raymond Williams
    Raymond Williams Vor year

    actually so touching and sweet at 57:22 i almost like, cried and i don't do that

  • eric24567
    eric24567 Vor year

    tonkatsu ramen = pork cutlet ramen
    tonkotsu ramen = pork bone broth ramen
    Just making sure you're making what you think you're making.

  • Sarah Perchalski
    Sarah Perchalski Vor year

    Love your show but i just gotta say never never EVER use glass to scoop ice! it can break and you will have to get rid of all ice and deep clean your ice maker. keep up the amazing work

  • Sid Lachance
    Sid Lachance Vor year

    I've heard 2 ways to pasteurize eggs one is 140-145 for a couple of minutes. Is this correct or should I do babi way?

  • TheRhythmicTale
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    Can you show us how to make some inexpensive tasty foods, I'm gonna be really short of money over the next few months till about 2020, hehe thanks.

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    Eanna Muhammad Vor year

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