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    ALL credit goes to TheOdd1sOut check him out btw. (You won't regret it) I don't ask for subscribers on these types of videos. That is your choice
    This video will not be making money. This is only for YOUR entertainment.
    Edit: To clarify, if there are ads on the video the money goes to TheOdd1sOut. I CAN'T make money on this video
    Edit 2: Some people still think that I make money from this. I lost monetization 1 year ago. I'm just trying to make it easier to not have to go from video to video. I do youtube for fun not for money.

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      Ok, thx for telling us

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      Xrgx stepzz can you subscribe to me and shout me out

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      @superiordarkgacha Wrong. There's no ads, meaning he makes no money. DEplus doesn't take their own money and give it to people just for views. And also, there are ads that are from DEplus's copyright bot, giving the money to TheOdd1sOut

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      xRGx Stepzz yASsS

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      Good for you dude

  • I'll Be Called Sahil

    Watching this I realized James yells a lot more in his videos now

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    0:47 he said subway 😭😢

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    0:47 he said subway instead of sooubway

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    just wanna point this out but he said INDIAN reservation when its native american sense indians are from india.... O - O so yea

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    You coped the odd ones out😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬😡🤬😠😡😠🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

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    Go to the odd1sout for the real video this guy's a fake

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    When I was watching I was at this subw- I mean sooubway

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    I’m eating subway right now

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    No sooubway, SOOOUBWAY

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    You can just tell how much better James’ animations have gotten just by watching this video
    And thanks for making watching all subway videos easier

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    18:12 BOOMERS

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    you can see james anamation change

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    Hello this is subway I’m sjshsjshhdjekrnrjfhhd

  • Virginio Perez
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    Well idk about staying YELLO is a good entrance

  • 9999 subs with bad videos challenge

    Is he ever gonna tell anyone that he buried a sami?

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    I am glad that you gave him credit. You deserve a sub

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      Thank you! I think all videos like this that takes other creators content needs to give credit to the original creator

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    :) ;):>;> souubway

  • Ima Twilight loving Potato

    Hey, Honey?
    Yeah, what do you want?
    You know the neighbor that bathes in sprinkles?
    He’s burying something outside.
    Kids, get inside please.

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    omg theodd1sout said hell

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    Meat ball mariaghna sandwich is the best with melted mozaria on it it tastes like pizza

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    Wait he said it was soubway but also he said it was subway

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    You said subway like 100 times

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    No shirts
    No pants
    No sandwich
    But it never said No cookie

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    • Vasile Bolea
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      Coment you chicy twat
      You kidy hippy goowy poopy ichy ticy

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    Dod we all know you work at subway💀

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    James: counts to five
    James: do you want your receipt?
    customer: no
    receipt still prints.
    James: 😐😶
    Customer: 😶🤨

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      @xRGx Stepzz so did i

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      Your prof pic looks really innappropiate

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      Lol I thought of that while watching.

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    It’s still in person even if he is behind bars

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    8:41 am I the only one who sees Gabe the rescue dog in the spot where the vegetables are?

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    Arizona and Indians are what we are learning this week at school

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    He worked at subway

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    32 minutes of greatness

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    I love your videos💕

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    Lol my name Ivan

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    Yeah yeah boo boo

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    Thanks for making this vid!

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    Thanks for putting them together!

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    I am a youtuber

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    Sooubway - THE MOVIE

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    My favourite DEplus video... for when I’m f* depressed and want to stay inside and eat chips all day on my bed

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    The odd one out S

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    James it’s called sOoUbWaY

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    Copyright copyright copyright copyright

  • Cheesecake Pizzaria


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    I ate sooubway while watching sooubway