Vanessa Bryant shares powerful, emotional words at Kobe and Gianna Bryant Memorial | CBS Sports HQ

  • Am 24 Feb 2020 veröffentlicht
  • A public memorial to celebrate the life of Kobe and Gianna Bryant, along with seven victims who died in the tragic helicopter crash took place 2/24/2020 at Staples Center.

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    IDE SERBA MURAH Vor Minute

    wow amazingly cool

  • Frankie Gunnz
    Frankie Gunnz Vor 3 Minuten

    R.i.P Kobe & Gigi 😭

  • Chiefdog777
    Chiefdog777 Vor 3 Minuten

    Beautiful tribute.....

  • Michelle Trinh
    Michelle Trinh Vor 3 Minuten

    I wish her whole beautiful face showed for the people around the world could see it

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C Vor 5 Minuten

    How much longer is this going to be on trending?

  • --
    -- Vor 5 Minuten

    I can’t help but watch this and ball my eyes out. I can only imagine the amount of pain she is in. God please guide and protect this family. As they are going through this trying time may you surround them with your love and give them the strength they need to to get through the next day and the day after that and so on.

  • Lijoy Thistle
    Lijoy Thistle Vor 6 Minuten

    This is heartbreaking to watch. I'm on my tears all the way.
    Just remind us all that life is too short.

  • Alexander Wilson
    Alexander Wilson Vor 6 Minuten

    No one cares

  • Janet Boston
    Janet Boston Vor 6 Minuten

    So Kobe parents do get respect....????? Just like you loved your child so did his parents.....No matter what....!!!! Fake people!!!

  • Kristine Diwa
    Kristine Diwa Vor 7 Minuten


  • dayana echevarría
    dayana echevarría Vor 7 Minuten

    Muy triste esto, quisiera decirle a su familia que el mundo entero está con ellas

  • Janet Boston
    Janet Boston Vor 8 Minuten

    This is a disgrace....i really thought he had no parents!!!!!😡😡😡😡

  • nmm
    nmm Vor 9 Minuten

    God bless her ..

  • Charles Brown
    Charles Brown Vor 10 Minuten +1


  • دموع الورد
    دموع الورد Vor 10 Minuten


  • Albert Joyson
    Albert Joyson Vor 11 Minuten

    I'm not a big fan of basketball I don't even know anything about it but he seems very good man
    RIP Kobe Bryant 💔😔
    We miss you and we will remember you
    All the love and support around the world ❤️

  • Ghost King
    Ghost King Vor 14 Minuten

    She rich now

  • T Stanton
    T Stanton Vor 14 Minuten

    Very difficult to watch

  • 1 subs before 2022
    1 subs before 2022 Vor 16 Minuten +7

    When you bury a parent you bury the past, but when you bury a child you bury the future 💔

  • Kejuan ThaDon
    Kejuan ThaDon Vor 16 Minuten

    My heart is broke about this...😢

  • Cameron Booker
    Cameron Booker Vor 18 Minuten

    Who tf disliked

  • Gretchen James
    Gretchen James Vor 20 Minuten

    I personally know her pain as I lost my soulmate to an illness. He was only 47 and no one will ever still my heart like he did. His favorite thing to say to me as he was gently holding my cheeks and looking in my eyes was "I love loving you". I am certain that Kobe and Vanessa had that same special love. People always say it takes time. Well this happened to me in 2014 and I still hurt. Vanessa and I will never know what it would be like to prepare. What I don't know is her pain of loosing a child. For that I send her and her family and friends a ton of prayers. Rest In Peace Kobe and Gigi.

  • K Gee
    K Gee Vor 20 Minuten

    My god, a 21 minute speech honoring the life of your child and husband. I couldn’t imagine doing that, 5 minutes feels like an eternity while public speaking but over 20 I’d pass out. She’s so strong

  • Skypp
    Skypp Vor 22 Minuten

    The ultimate strength of a human being. Much love, respect and gratitude 🙏🏾❤

  • law wo n g
    law wo n g Vor 23 Minuten


  • The-terminator
    The-terminator Vor 24 Minuten

    She would not have become the best player, there are others

  • Miss Hernandez
    Miss Hernandez Vor 26 Minuten


  • Sincir R
    Sincir R Vor 28 Minuten

  • limitless ping
    limitless ping Vor 28 Minuten +1

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    I am talking to who ever is seeing or reading this comment
    No ones please no one like this comment as it is cheap and cheap people will like it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mandela Effect Chronicles
    Mandela Effect Chronicles Vor 28 Minuten

    Very emotional.

  • Kayela Morris
    Kayela Morris Vor 29 Minuten

    From the moment
    I started rolling my dad’s tube socks
    And shooting imaginary
    Game-winning shots
    In the Great Western Forum
    I knew one thing was real:
    I fell in love with you.
    A love so deep I gave you my all -
    From my mind & body
    To my spirit & soul.
    As a six-year-old boy
    Deeply in love with you
    I never saw the end of the tunnel.
    I only saw myself
    Running out of one.
    And so I ran.
    I ran up and down every court
    After every loose ball for you.
    You asked for my hustle
    I gave you my heart
    Because it came with so much more.
    I played through the sweat and hurt
    Not because challenge called me
    But because YOU called me.
    I did everything for YOU
    Because that’s what you do
    When someone makes you feel as
    Alive as you’ve made me feel.
    You gave a six-year-old boy his Laker dream
    And I’ll always love you for it.
    But I can’t love you obsessively for much longer.
    This season is all I have left to give.
    My heart can take the pounding
    My mind can handle the grind
    But my body knows it’s time to say goodbye.
    And that’s OK.
    I’m ready to let you go.
    I want you to know now
    So we both can savor every moment we have left together.
    The good and the bad.
    We have given each other
    All that we have.
    And we both know, no matter what I do next
    I’ll always be that kid
    With the rolled up socks
    Garbage can in the corner
    :05 seconds on the clock
    Ball in my hands.
    5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1
    Love you always,

  • Youma Attia
    Youma Attia Vor 31 Minute

  • Blury-chan :3
    Blury-chan :3 Vor 33 Minuten

    Curse 2020 it is the year of death😢

  • Tasia Michele
    Tasia Michele Vor 33 Minuten

    Wreaks of commercialism and profiteering. Gross.

  • Miraal Zafar
    Miraal Zafar Vor 33 Minuten +1

    May God give Vanessa and her kids the strength to survive this difficult period of time

  • Anonymous Pig
    Anonymous Pig Vor 35 Minuten

    dang...this is so powerful. teaches you to love everyone everyday. I’m crying over here rn, I can’t imagine what she’s must be going through, watching Kobe and Gianna in heaven playing basketball 😭

  • Alex Tr
    Alex Tr Vor 42 Minuten

    20:59 "babe, you take care of our Gigi"
    This is just too much. I don't know how she can keep everything together all this time. You've been doing great, Vanessa.

  • Shawn _92
    Shawn _92 Vor 42 Minuten

    Must be nice living with the insurance claims.

    • Demolition Dude
      Demolition Dude Vor 29 Minuten

      Is money the only thing you can think about?

  • Kamikase Hiro
    Kamikase Hiro Vor 44 Minuten +1

    These two people were famous and very much loved by all, but do not forget the others who lost leir lives in the crash. These two are honored like gods who held the world up with their hands but are NOT worth more than you and me as humans they are too. BLESS them ALL, never forget the names of those who lost their lives with them.
    These names should be honored just as much:
    John Altobelli, 56; Keri Altobelli, 46; Alyssa Altobelli,13, Christina Mauser, 38, Ara Zobayan, 50, Sarah Chester, 45, and Payton Chester, 13.

  • Splash Attack TCG
    Splash Attack TCG Vor 45 Minuten

    I’m so sad my tears are crying their own tears. This was too much. Rest In Peace.

  • Gore Gare
    Gore Gare Vor 46 Minuten

    I am so proud of her

  • Marlin Efendi
    Marlin Efendi Vor 48 Minuten
    Subscribe pliss...

  • gogo Juice
    gogo Juice Vor 49 Minuten

    To whom much is given, much is required. It doesn’t matter if you’re a billionaire president or a basketball superstar. We forget the victim of his rape case with bruises around her neck, tears on her vaginal wall and both his shirt and her panties bloody (read the case). What else? How about the numerous accusations of infidelity throughout the years. The $4MM ring he bought as an apology to his wife? What about the other families that were overshadowed? Yes, he has done many great things, but people need to be careful with who they immortalize and the message that is sent to our children and the rest of the world- especially today. It’s NOT ok!! I’ll never look at MJ the same and I’ll never watch another Jimmy Kimmel episode again. Just the proportional value alone that we place on athletes is disgusting and is a reflection of the disease America can’t shake and a contributing factor as to why we are no longer the global leader- our values and priorities are soo fucked up. It’s a sickness. My sincere condolences to the Bryant family, but man do we Americans have a problem.

  • zlatniljiljanak
    zlatniljiljanak Vor 49 Minuten +1

    5k dislikes? Wtf is wrong with people man I really pray that u all never have to bury your kid. Nobody can imagine the pain this woman is feeling right now and to have disrespectful lives like YOURSELVES dislike a video like this is sad. Much respect to this woman for being so strong and I pray for her to get through this.

  • Splash Attack TCG
    Splash Attack TCG Vor 52 Minuten +1

    Jesus. My heart can’t handle this.

  • Brayden Kozlowski
    Brayden Kozlowski Vor 53 Minuten +1


  • Ti amani
    Ti amani Vor 54 Minuten

    God heal her heart ❤️ I feel so bad for her

  • melly mel
    melly mel Vor 55 Minuten

    If I lost my family in the same manner I’d be in a mental hospital. She is a very strong woman. I hope in time she will heal.

  • lady black
    lady black Vor 55 Minuten

    21:00 💔😭😭😭

  • Hilda Fluffy
    Hilda Fluffy Vor 56 Minuten

    I pray for this family

  • DJ Noto Redd
    DJ Noto Redd Vor 57 Minuten

    This was the hardest thing to sit heart is heavy so sad. She broke my heart talking about them so sad

  • Maty Hasankhan
    Maty Hasankhan Vor 57 Minuten

    خیلی کند عملکرد دارد

  • J3 incomparable
    J3 incomparable Vor 57 Minuten

  • CEO of didn’t ask
    CEO of didn’t ask Vor Stunde +2

    What the hell is that shit doing in my playlist

  • Salma Yussuf
    Salma Yussuf Vor Stunde +1

    This is too much I can take it I’m literally crying right now💔💘

  • J Hud Hudson
    J Hud Hudson Vor Stunde

    To the 5 thousand people that dislike this is cold hearted and inhumane. I pray for you and your cold souls.

  • Abe
    Abe Vor Stunde

    I'm not crying,I swear I'm not

  • 50,000 Subscribers with no videos challeng e

    All good people are dying all of the sudden 😭

  • The Pessimist
    The Pessimist Vor Stunde +1

    kobi is not dead. they faked his death.

    • Lady Love
      Lady Love Vor 52 Minuten

      he got witness relocated like Epstein, the govt always rewards rapists

    • REWIND
      REWIND Vor Stunde

      The Pessimist how

  • DataGeekHub
    DataGeekHub Vor Stunde

    As a fan of Kobe, he is part of my beautiful memory when I was a little boy. As a nerd, I can’t think of anything but to make a video to recall all his legendary performance throughout his 20 years NBA career. RIP. Kobe!