TheOdd1sout Sooubway stories part 1-4 full work stories

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  • the TheOdd1sout full sooubway stories part 1 to 4 btw my first video


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    make your own videos ...

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    And also I’m not really Ricardo I’m his son

  • Ricardo Montero
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    I like subway 😋

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    theres no sooub way 4!!!!!!!!!!!

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    This is not made by theodd1sout

  • hrklimenta 93
    hrklimenta 93 Vor Monat

    He said Subway butt he wanted to say souabway
    Hahahaha 😂 lol

  • hrklimenta 93
    hrklimenta 93 Vor Monat

    Piep piep pieeeeeeeep

  • Daily Bypasses And Roblox Content

    Man, he said sooubway way a few times in the video

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    Thats only 1-3

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    Wrong numbers isn’t in the sooubway series

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    Sub to me pls

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    Now you need to update

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    More respect for him did all work for this and 53 subs needs more subs

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    Pt 1 - 0:00
    Pt 2 - 7:08

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    Isn't it subway not sooubway

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    10:55 I saw doge on da down corner🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

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      I just now realized that 😂

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    9,379 views and 28 comments wow.

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    Watching this while eating subway I mean soubway

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      : - 7

    • CadeFilms
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      How to do it: press the x then swipe down then press this - then type a word then do this - again. Ok do you get that?

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      You say: watching this while eating -subway- sooubway

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    he said subway instead of sooubway 3:05

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    Noice vid

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    Hey this is not fair you are stealing James's vids and getting views likes and subs from it

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      Moxie octosnakes chill

    • Dylen Lee
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      He said he didn't make it and he did it so that we don't have to go through videos r/facepalm

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      Moxie octosnakes I said the original person in the description and plus I’m not making money

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      In the description he links the originals so he's technically not doing anything wrong

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      A lot of people repost things and read the description he mentioned the creator so they weren't stealing it

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    theres no funny questions

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    Hi man thank u now I don’t have to go to different videos

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