Annoying Customers

  • Am 11 Apr 2016 veröffentlicht
  • Here's part two of the subway stories. If any of you have an annoying customer story, tell me in the comments! I want to read them!
    Also, special thanks to Jaiden Animations for voicing a customer (go check her out) :
    Twitter ➤ Theodd1sout
    Website ➤
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  • Gold the hedgehog Gaming

    James the guy who wanted onions on the side might wanted the on the sife cup IDIOT

  • Grace
    Grace Vor Stunde

    That 6 olives on a foot long crap is why I stopped going to Subway.

  • Christopher Lee
    Christopher Lee Vor 2 Stunden

    right here

  • Emma Michael
    Emma Michael Vor 2 Stunden

    What if you counted to five and then you ask the person do you want your receipt then the receipt printed in the middle when you were asking the person

  • abbadabs haha
    abbadabs haha Vor 3 Stunden

    You said subway 4

  • Law & Haleigh
    Law & Haleigh Vor 4 Stunden

    4:06 oh so hes shrek

  • Boobi phett
    Boobi phett Vor 5 Stunden

    0:10 ur going to get sued now

  • Jashan Shoker
    Jashan Shoker Vor 6 Stunden

    Who is here after sooubway 10

  • Tracey Barry Hunt
    Tracey Barry Hunt Vor 8 Stunden

    why all the dodges

  • Tracey Barry Hunt
    Tracey Barry Hunt Vor 8 Stunden


  • john bowers
    john bowers Vor 10 Stunden

    JAMES! If you still have clash of clans, what is your name on it I want to friend you. Also if you don't have a clan join mine (Meme Empire)

  • Natalia Podgorska
    Natalia Podgorska Vor 11 Stunden

    I wish you would notice me, I am your biggest fan

  • Sajjad Kayani
    Sajjad Kayani Vor 11 Stunden


  • Isaac Ryt
    Isaac Ryt Vor 11 Stunden

    There’s Jaiden in the video

  • Md Imbesat Zahid
    Md Imbesat Zahid Vor 12 Stunden

    He said subway

  • Sheldon spice
    Sheldon spice Vor 15 Stunden +1

    0:09 you said subway

  • Addy Marie
    Addy Marie Vor 15 Stunden


  • Michelle Ferguson
    Michelle Ferguson Vor 15 Stunden

    You said subway

  • MiaLeah pz4
    MiaLeah pz4 Vor 17 Stunden

    0:11 James said subway instead of sooubway

  • Kenan Ramos
    Kenan Ramos Vor 19 Stunden

    wtf that's expensive. Subway footlongs only cost 5 dollars in my country

  • Myclvex
    Myclvex Vor 21 Stunde

    i did this once ;-; 5:52

  • Aeden Tinoco
    Aeden Tinoco Vor 23 Stunden

    You said subway

  • A And A
    A And A Vor Tag other......until... thereceiptprinted

  • Bird Frank
    Bird Frank Vor Tag

    Hahaha, oh Jamesss. I knew I would be able to catch u saying Subway instead of Sooubway 😂.
    1:50 u said Subway lol

  • Kristi James
    Kristi James Vor Tag

    Wow just wow

  • Sergio Macias
    Sergio Macias Vor Tag

    And we all know this

  • Haru Leaverin
    Haru Leaverin Vor Tag


  • Alejandro Perez
    Alejandro Perez Vor Tag

    Are you a bad employee james?

  • CTECH 9
    CTECH 9 Vor Tag +1

    *_O N I O N S !_*

  • Kyle Andry
    Kyle Andry Vor Tag +1

    You said sub way

  • worldofzakuriYT
    worldofzakuriYT Vor Tag

    It was 3 years later james knew, He was correct

  • Jennifer Lynn
    Jennifer Lynn Vor Tag


  • Schockocrispie
    Schockocrispie Vor Tag

    I work in retail and I can confirm a lot of your storys.
    In the end, every Job with customer service faces the same anoying people.
    So I actually love, LOVE, the "can-I-speak-to-your-manager" customers because, I am way younger then my colleges. (Like just half theire age)
    And ... here comes the nice point... I am the manager!!!
    So I just love seeing them going all sassy against me and watching out for the older employes at the store, to find someone important enough, to blame them because of me or some rules.
    Then I put on full smirk, polite smirk of course, and slowly (with absolut satisfaction) explain them, that actually, I am in charge, and they have just failed theire chance to get free stuff by belittling me, or any other chance to solve this in theire favor. Because it was way more important to them, to attack me personally, then solve this like grown ups.
    (I'm talking about personal attacks here, like throwing insults or getting realy loud)
    And believe me, there is no better thing, than seeing them realise, this little brat is in full command and "oh s*it, I f*cked up. Maybe I shouldn't have attacked her in the first place."
    The second best part is, when my employes get attacked or have one hell of an anoying customer, them asking for the manager.
    Then I come from affar, leisurely through the store, looking nice and totaly unimpressiv with my baggy cloths ( got to love the workwear my company provides). Just the trainee walking by,
    ... and BOOM. "Hello Mam, how may I help you? You asked for me?"
    Karen: "No I aSkEd FoR tHe mAnaGeR. I wAnT tO TalK To SoMeOnE iN cHaRgE!!!!"
    Me (highly satisfied again) "Well Mam, I AM the Manager, so how may I help you?" (now-it-all-smirk presented all over the face while they are stunned for a few seconds)
    I LOVE it. This makes up for all the sh*itty customers. And my employes love to see me fend them off, because there is nothing more anoying if you are angry, than a person that stays totaly calm and polite and gives you no room to flip at them.
    This makes up for a lot, still there are enough sh*tty customers. (like those idiots ripping packages open or throwing stuff all over the place)

    (I hate these claims but I will still put it: please let you inner english teacher sleep, it's late at night, I have to sleep too, and I'm way to lazy to spell check everything and I'm pretty sure my punctuation is off a lot of times. Just let it roll by and all the customer-service-victimes unite and fight of the Karens!!)

  • Daniel Li
    Daniel Li Vor Tag

    J- James
    A- Ames
    M- Mes
    E- Es
    S- S

  • אורי יוגב

    6:55 this is a Godzilla in the side?!

  • אורי יוגב

    Just kidding

  • אורי יוגב

    You Annoying me

  • swittie honeydew

    I got hungry watching this vid

  • Noah Crowley
    Noah Crowley Vor Tag +1

    Who else notices that he said turkey but said what about bread and cheese then we will talk about vegetables

    • Garniid
      Garniid Vor 9 Stunden

      Yeah but he also said lettuce and tomatoes

  • Anna Sydow
    Anna Sydow Vor Tag

    Question when you printed the receipt what if they said no and it printed what would u do?🤔

  • Indra Pandoyo
    Indra Pandoyo Vor Tag

    You keep saying subway instead of sooubway

  • Riquelme Rodrigues

    Você e americano

  • P U
    P U Vor Tag


  • DOOMR.A.T.
    DOOMR.A.T. Vor Tag

    Watching the Sooubway series, whilst eating Sooubway, I love Sooubway, and I love you(no homo) XD

  • Wednesday O
    Wednesday O Vor 2 Tage

    I went to the sooubway you worked at

  • Diane Park
    Diane Park Vor 2 Tage +1

    I’m still trying to figure out the onion side thing

  • Marrissa Griffin
    Marrissa Griffin Vor 2 Tage

    I like your video James is it James and I wish you have 13,000 followers if you see my other one that’s not actually the one I wanted to tell you

  • Marrissa Griffin
    Marrissa Griffin Vor 2 Tage

    300 dreams I did draw the picture of you and I really like your videos and I wish you have 13,000 million Vuolo hours on your DEplus channel

  • SeafoamCorpse _
    SeafoamCorpse _ Vor 2 Tage

    *I smell a ship*

  • Star Gacha
    Star Gacha Vor 2 Tage

    Edit: *3 years later he make part 4*

  • Dalton Setzer
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    B O O M E R

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  • Gamer Stackboy
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  • Kerri Reid
    Kerri Reid Vor 2 Tage

    Jaden animations played on your video that’s cool

  • cookie sushi cookie boi

    Lol the end 😂🤣

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  • Neal Adamson
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